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Let’s do the time warp again! It’s time for another fantastic Vertigo anthology filled with spectacular sci-fi stories. Robots, deep space and lots of time travel twists by a bevy of comic greats and the up-and-coming stars of tomorrow.

Damon Lindelof and Jeff Lemire bring us a blast from DC’s past, plus another installment of the “Dead Boy Detectives” from Toby Litt, Buckingham and Victor Santos, Matt Kindt presents a stirring story of man vs. machine—and so much more!

Story by Dan Abnett, Matt Kindt, Damon Lindelof, Peter Milligan, Toby Litt, Ray Fawkes, Simon Spurrier, Tom King, & Gail Simone
Art by Mark Buckingham, Jeff Lemire, MK Perker, Victor Santos Montesinos, Jorge Corona, Rafael Albuquerque, Tom Fowler, I.N.J. Culbard, & Various
Cover by Eduardo Risso
Variant Cover by Jae Lee

Price: $7.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 2.2%


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Avg Rating: 4.4
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  1. I’d love to pick this up but at 7.99 there isnt a hope no matter how much content there is.

  2. I’m on the fence about purchasing this, but I did enjoy Mystery in Space from last year.

  3. Too many great creators involved for me to not get this. And you have to expect the odd dud in these anthologies by now.

  4. Matt Kindt seals the deal on this for me.

    I’m on the fence with DHP every month – and I always cave. I wonder if this is DC experimenting thoughts of their own $8 anthology, and I’ll be interested in comparing this to the Dark Horse equivalent print-quality-wise (and # of ads-wise. DHP has zero adds).

  5. I hope it makes its way into a collected edition. I didn’t buy Mystery in Space, I don’t know if that could be collected with this maybe, but I bought Ghosts and I enjoyed it.

  6. Hey, I’m Tom King, and I have a story in this book with art by Tom Fowler. I’ve been (a quiet) part of the ifanbase for six years now; I just wanted to say how cool it was being on the pull list, and I wanted to thank anyone who picks this up.

  7. I had a moment of sticker shock and a little disappointment that this wasn’t a monthly series. But one flip through the first couple of stories and I bought it. I’ll post a review after I read it tonight.

    • I agree with Matt – I want a book like this regularly. Can we get something like this quarterly, or every two months? This was excellent, almost perfect. I plan to write a more detailed review but I am so glad I spent the cash on this. This is POTW material here.

  8. This book is awesome, it needs to ship every month.

  9. The ”sci*rus yearns for anal carnage” panel is my panel of the week.

  10. Wow! This impressed me immensely. I was afraid the stories would be ongoing, but they weren’t, and instead delivered 8 (one of them continues in another book) excellent, intellectually stimulating, stand-alone stories. SO happy I went with my gut. MORE OF THIS PLEASE.

  11. This was great fun. I am a little confused about one thing on the second story. The time traveller who killed the little boy Albie, why was he speaking in the new language, that language seemed to come as a result of the alternate future, the future where the little boy had not died. Great take on that question that has been asked so many times, focus on the one person who it would have had a negative effect on. Really enjoyed this whole book

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