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• Luke Cage takes center stage with the ‘Bolts still at large!

• With the Raft still a shambles, Luke finds himself a prisoner of Mr. Fear!

• Meanwhile, Songbird discovers a vital clue to catching the FugitiveThunderbolts!

Story by Jeff Parker
Art by Matthew Southworth
Colors by Frank Martin
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Brad Walker & Chris Sotomayor

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.6
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  1. YES! I’ve missed Cage

  2. Jeff Parker writing Luke Cage is always a GREAT thing. I’m liking this time travel story but I would love to see more Luke Cage in this title other then random one/done stories.

  3. Oh so we weren’t supposed to forget about Luke Cage? It’s about time he gets back in the story.

  4. Counterpoint… If the time travellers aren’t in this issue and it’s a different artist, I may skip this, but I’ll make the call at my LCS when I can flip through it.

  5. Ugh. Terrible issue. Cookie cutter plot with some pretty mediocre art. Wish this wasn’t the first issue to start the new year.


    • Really? Thought this was a amazing issue, best I have read(started during the recent Cap World War 2 arc). I do agree the art wasn’t great though. Still, really enjoyed. Guess we just have different tastes.

    • OK, I didn’t hate this like you did, I gave it a 3, but I shoulda stuck to my convictions (as I commented above) and sat this issue out. I came on this book for the time travelling and that’s my only interest at this point. I’ll stick it out through those adventures and I’m willing to see where it goes after that, but I’d easily drop this title if I’m not feeling it. I think one of the impediments to my enjoyment of T-Bolts is that I’m not a Marvel zombie and I don’t know any of the B – C – D list characters that it focusses on. Without that engagement, I’m really only looking for fun stories and cool art which has been the case until this issue.

    • @tripleneck- agree with you. I didn’t hate this, but it just seems like I haven’t gotten hooked on this series yet. I agree with a 3/5 score.

  6. I thought this issue was great, a very nice change of pace issue. Parker did a real good job of blending the two stories together, and giving it all purpose.

  7. Great Cover.

  8. Fantastic story! Best T-Bolts issue since the Fear Itself tie-ins without a doubt. Anyone else go “Oh shit” when Cage came out of his hallucinations? Just great story. 4/5… Would have been a 5/5 but Cage in a fucking cowboy hat is fucking stupid.

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