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Great Britain, 1888: London is gripped in fear, afraid to go out at night as Jack the Ripper’s body count goes higher. But one witness claims she saw an enormous man by a murder scene a man named HYDE!

The Bolts’ chase through time continues as Declan Shalvey returns!

Story by Jeff Parker
Art by Declan Shalvey
Cover by Michael del Mundo & Paul Renaud

Price: $2.99
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  1. Wait a second….Haven’t I seen this cover somewhere before? (Wonder if Dave Johnson has the same complaints as this one?)

    But yay! More Declan Shalvey! He should be perfect for a depressing, 1800s London setting.

    • Ya apparently he tweeted out a comment saying that hes not sure but he believes there should be a parking lot in the background of this cover

  2. to the people who read this is this a good jumping on point in your opinions? Or will i be tottally confused to whats going on if i pick this up? Thinking of trying it out since im only getting two books this week…

    • it’s a good jumping on point because the last issue ended a mini-arc.

    • Here are the story arcs involving the current Thunderbolts:

      – Cage: #144-147 (“Heroic Age” arc)
      – Shadowland: #148-151
      – Violent Rejection: #152-157
      – Fear Itself: #158-162
      – The Great Escape: #163-168 (current arc)

      my favourites being “Cage”, “Violent Rejection” and the current one. All story arcs were or are going to be collected.

      All story arc beginnings are good jumping points but as AmirCat pointed out this is a good in-arc jumping point too.

      If you like it, I strongly suggest you to go back and start with #144. So far it was a consistently fantastic run and it’s even more enjoyable when you get to know all the characters well.

    • The Shadowland arc was my personal favorite because:

      A) it made me love Declan Shalvey’s work
      B) Parker proved that even with bullshit events in his way he can really make a fun comic. Hell, just get rid of Shadowland in any of the plot points and you just have a fun story involving ninjas.

  3. It’s always a good time to get on Thunderbolts because it’s a great series and back issues can usually be had at fair prices.

  4. It is so depressing that a great book like this sells so badly when crap like Aquaman and Justice League sells what they are (and I don’t hate Johns).

  5. Can the T-bolts just travel through time forever? This whole lost in time arc has been top-notch

  6. I am really enjoying this now and I like where it’s going…I just hope that the current run of cancellations misses this book.

  7. Wow that was refreshing. Much better than the last arc and I’m glad to see that we haven’t quite forgotten about Luke Cage yet.

    • You mean the last arc as in the Fear Itself tie-in or as in the Invaders/WW2 story? I’m just having a hard time understanding how someone could like this issue and not the last three issues. It’s basically the same flavor and same characters in a different time period. The Fear Itself issues were easily the worst of Parker’s run but still solid enough and worked as a bridge between big Thunderbolts story beats.

  8. My LCS owner sold me the first 13 issues of the original thunderbolts run from the 90’s. He even included their first appearance in The Incredible Hulk. I am extremely excited to jump on to a book that seriously deserves every reader it can attract. More people need to read Thunderbolts!

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