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The Raft prison has been destroyed. Hundreds of the most powerful criminals in the world are on the loose. But their threat is nothing compared to that of the one man who
was already unstoppable and now wields godlike power. XXXXX XXXXXX is tearing a path across the United States, obliterating everything before him– and now the Thunderbolts are going to stand in his way. Can XXXXX XXXXXX’s team stop him? Can anything…?!

Story by
Jeff Parker
Art by
Declan Shalvey
Colors by
Frank Martin
Letters by
Comicraft - Albert Deschesne
Cover by
J.S. Rossbach

Price: $2.99
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TheNextChampion07/06/11NoRead Review
Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. The anthology issue was pretty mediocre in my opinion. Hopefully the issue brings it back to glory this week.

  2. I miss Kev Walker on any issue but I hope this story gets back on track.  The anthology issue seemed to bring the storyline to a crushing halt.

  3. Ok so in this week alone, Juggernaut is in New York, Las Vegas, and San Francisco all at the same time…

  4. @MrFurious That the problem with Tie-in in on going books, every thing has to stop what they are doing so they can all be part of show. That’s why I prefer the mini-series tie-ins. They don’t disrupt a story, and you can skip it if you want.

  5. @JoeCom
    The problem is thats literally how the event would work.  No one would have seen the hammers falling coming before it happened, and it seems to be a fairly globalized disaster so the fact that people with powers drop what their doing to deal with the situation makes sense.  Then again, everything can be explained with comic time *cough* Children’s Crusade *cough*. If you dont like the events, use the time to explore indie stuff no one reads so you can be snobby and aloof the rest of the year (not an accusation)

  6. um, why is there an XXXXXXX through the name of a character THAT IS ON THE COVER OF THE BOOK

  7. The four page sequence in this book, where they go into the mind of Juggernaut, is the best sequence I’ve seen in comics. It might be hyberolic for some, but god damnit this was a gorgeous book from beginning to end. Shalvey is a gifted artist who needs to get his own ongoing period.

    5/5 (POTW) 

  8. I also enjoyed this greatly. So glad I’ve stuck with this book through Parker’s run.

  9. This seems to be T-bolts’ curse as a book. Great story, just chuggin’ along, then it gets caught up in the latest crossover and becomes irrelevant. Cool mind sequence, though.

  10. If you read this, Uncanny X-men, and Youth in Revolt this week it created an interesting chronology.  Thunderbolts seems to take place first, with Juggernaut heading west; **spoilers**  this ends on a cliffhanger, so the next issue of Thunderbolts would also seem to take place before the other two books and Thunderbolts must be unsuccessful in their mission.  Uncanny is next; geographically it makes little sense, but Juggernaut drops into San Francisco but the writing clearly indicates he is headed for Vegas.  Youth in Revolt takes place in Vegas, also ending in a cliffhanger.

    Now then, this is just the sort of crap that I don’t want to think about, but because of poor editing, a lazy attidude toward continuity and a really dumb release schedule, it ends up creeping to mind.  I don’t mind isolated crossovers (Youth in Revolt for example) but when it pokes into other books that I’m enjoyig (Uncanny and Thunderbolts) and ruins both in the same week it’s frustrating. 

    The option that makes the best sense is to not buy the books, but then I miss out on stuff like the Underbolts plan and Namor trying to nail Emma with Gillen writing instead of Fraction.  I realize the overall attitude (expecially on this site) is continuity be damned, just tell a good story.  However, just putting a little editorial effort into avoiding the same characters showing up in every book, either spoiling an ending for one or making impossible the ending for another, would make “telling a good story” stand on its own without shit like what I’m writing above interfering.

  11. I really enjoyed this issue. The tie ins have been so much better than the actual Fear Itself book. I may have to search out some of the other good ones.

    @cubsmodano I don’t really care about establishing continuity for villains. I love the Juggernaut but I wouldn’t mind if they defeated Juggernaut in all three tie ins he’s in.

  12. @wangman31888  Because three months ago (when the solicitation was revealed) that character was blacked out.

  13. I can’t believe no one has really commented on the amazing 4 page sequence in this book. Again, one of the most gorgeous and innovative pages I’ve seen this year and not a peep from most of the people on the internet!


  14. @TheNextChampion My Twitter feed had a lot of talk about it. Then again I follow both Parker and Shalvey. One of them tweeted your review by the way.

  15. Amazing issue

  16. Great inner self sequence, very creative, abstract stuff. Loved how Kuurth bitch-slaps Satana there, still lovin Shocker in this book too.

  17. @cubsmodano the continuity issue happens every week with Spidey and Wolvie, I feel your pain but I’ve just become jaded to it or I rationalize it so it makes sense in my own head, but it’s def something I still care about, because I think part of a good story is when the continuity does makes sense.

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