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  1. I’m really looking forward to this.  I mean…Ghost?  Paladin??  ANT-MAN???  I love it.  And that cover looks fantastic. 

  2. @BetaRayRyan: agreed, it’s weird how much i’m looking forward to post-SI marvel books, after not liking Secret Invasion… this same thing happened with post-civilwar books too hahaha.

  3. Irridemable Ant-Man is what sold me on this. That and Diggle’s reputation. I hope it’s good.

  4. Diggle’s first two issues didn’t do much for me…and the first six pages of this weren’t impressive…I have a sneaking suspicion that this is no longer "Thunderbolts" but "Marvel Suicide Squad".

  5. @TommyBrownell-nonsense, this is the new Shadow Initiative

  6. Hey people is this a ok issue to hop on. Im reading Dark Reign. I think this is a tie in


  7. The last 2 issues were so treading water waiting for SI to finish. This should be better now.

  8. Yeah, I wasn’t really hooked after the last two issues, but I’m hoping Diggle comes through.  Maybe I shouldn’t be expecting a super-powered version of The Losers, but that’s kinda what I wanted.

  9. Hopefully the book is as badass as the cover.  I actually don’t recognize all the peeps on the cover  (anyone out there on the interwebs that could give a charactor listing from Left 2 right I’d gladly appreciate it.).. But anyway i’m excited to see what happens.  (Plus a Deadpool tie-in coming up in the near future)

  10. @Jorgevillatoro-This should be a good jumping on point.  To add to SamMorgan’s post, the last few issues were sort of an epilogue to the previous incarnation.  This issue should introduce the new team and, hopefully, be easy to follow. 

    I enjoyed the first two issues and am hoping this will really hook me now.  And you can never go wrong with Ant-man, he is oh so irredeamable!

  11. that is one awesome looking cover….

  12. @Mr. Popular. From Left to right Irridemable Ant Man, Paladin [I think], Mister X [I think], [I don’t know], Black Widow, Headsman, Ghost.

    I can’t find anything on who the guy in the creepy mask is. 

  13. Thank you @drakedangerz. I will pick up.

  14. My LCS sold out before I gfot there at lunch. 🙁

    My own fault for not having a pull list but i’m so wishy washy. Guess i’ll have to try one of the less inviting stores in my area and brave the BO from the game rooms to get a copy

  15. idk if i like this anymore normans a REAL dick

  16. hahaha, were you expecting Norman to change?  You crazy!! 😛

    I knew he wouldn’t be nice, but I wasn’t ready for what he did.  Then after I finished the issue I put it down and said to myself "yup, that bastard would do this"

    Solid issue for me.  I didn’t really have to see how he recruited Ghost or Ant-man.  I assumed it went the same as it did with Black Widow II.  How do you say her name anyways?  Black Widow two?  crazy.  Also glad to see some Ant-man goodness and him enjoying some chesticles.

  17. I enjoyed the hell out this. Even the special guest appearence, which is normally the kind of thing I find really annoying. But it worked. I think what Diggle is developing here has a lot of potential.

  18. This is what I wanted from Diggle Thunderbolts.  This was excellent.

  19. This was very very good. Definitely want to see where Diggle takes this book.

  20. Very blah for me…this isn’t the Thunderbolts…in line-up or concept…I’ll see where this arc goes, but so far Diggle has failed to impress me.

  21. I’m w/ @tommy. This had me unexcited the entire time.

  22. My only problem is that Ant-Man seems too affable to be on this team. I mean, I know he’s a dick, but he’s not a villain like everyone else on the team. I guess he’s the lone hero whose conscience will eventually get to him and he’ll betray this group of Thunderbolts…

    Good issue, though.


  23. My new favorite book, hands down. De La Torre is the S#!T!!!!!!!

  24. The art was truly remarkable and the scripting was tight.  But the choice to use Barack Obama as a central character for moving the series forward was very uncomfortable for me to read (I know that some readers might totally dig this, but it wasn’t for me).  Also, I’m still struggling to get past the overwhelming cynicism of Dark Reign.  I gave this 3 out of 5 stars, but that’s more a reflection of my overall enjoyment of the issue than it is a judgement of the craft shown by the creators.

  25. Barack obama was in this issue.

  26. @jorgevillatoro – was that a question?  If so, the answer is yes, Barack Obama was definitely in this issue.  Wearing sunglasses.  At night.

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