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This past week has been a week of putting things back together for the Marvel U. New Avengers a little while back put themselves back together and went underground. Mighty Avengers this week went through a regrouping. And, the new Dark Avengers had Norman Osborn reconstituting his Thunderbolts as the new New Avengers for the public to cheer on. Where does that leave the Thunderbolts organization? Well, this issue answers that question intelligently and with enough snap to keep me interested in the T-bolts for the duration of Dark Reign.

This issue consists mostly of an argument between Doc Samson and Osborn on Air Force One about his mental stability and ability to control the whole of American Homeland Security. Oh yeah, President Obama mediates. Andy Diggle posits a new T-Bolts team that seems to be acting as HAMMER’s Black Ops team. We’re introduced to the new head, Black Widow, as well as a few others but the focus is Osborn and his tryng to win the President’s trust. The reveal at the end of this issue had me wishing for more and I can’t wait to see what happens next. Oscar De La Torre does a good job with the art and doesn’t use as much celeb referencing as some other artists nowadays. Diggle has renewed my trust that this series will keep the sharpness that its had since issue one. Pick this one up if you want to know the full extent of Dark Reign.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. "Oscar De La Torre "

    I think you’ve got the artist "roberto de la torre" confused with boxer "oscar de la hoya".


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