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  1. Last issue pulled 182 on iFanboy – this is Diggle’s second issue, the first after Osborn’s "taken over" the Marvel U, and so far it looks like it’s pulling less…  I’m among the ranks of fans that have expressed a lack of interest in Dark Reign, but I’ll still be picking this issue up to see where it takes me before deciding if I want to keep reading and I’m curious to know if there’s anyone out there who picked up 126 who plans to pass on this specifically because of Dark Reign (obviously the pull numbers will increase by Wednesday, but I’m intrigued by the numbers so far)…

  2. Man, these covers are really fantastic.

  3. I tried out the last issue a week ago, loved it.  Hopefully it continues the trend, cuz I really want to see how they bring Ant-man into this

  4. i’m down to see how the new team is put together and how the first issue of said team if handled, then i will decide if this continues to make the cut


  5. Call me a fanboy, but I will be sorely tempted to drop the book if Songbird dies.

  6. Francesco Matt Mattina would drawn this great cover has done some great covers for Nova as well, he is an artist I’d like to see take a crack at a book.

  7. @TommyBrownell:

    I doubt very much that she will die. I think she has a place somewhere else in the Marvel Universe…

  8. Will continue to read this, but I think Diggle is going to be more constrained (by editorial) on this than I realized.

  9. I wanted to drop this book after Civil War, but it refused to suck. Now, I’m glad, ’cause I don’t think I would be as interested in Dark Reign if I hadn’t been reading Thunderbolts all this time.


  10. @Diabhol:

    I know what you mean! I really wasn’t interested in any of the big players in Dark Reign (Namely: Osborn and some of the Dark Avengers) until I read Ellis’s Thunderbolts.

  11. Last issue was the first Diggle book I’ve ever read.  He seems very suited to the Ellis-style Thunderbolts

  12. I’m torn because it looks like Diggle’s going to replace the team wholesale.  And I resent that, which is irrational, because I didn’t know who any of the characters were when I started Ellis’s run, either.

    Thunderbolts has the most consistent book in Marvel since the post-Civil War era started, though, and I am rooting for Diggle to keep it up.  

  13. @SunnyvaleTrash  Two things — why do you say that about Diggle and editorial?  I’m curious.  And, second, does your name mean you are near Sunnyvale, CA?  Feel free to NOT answer the second, but I know people out there.  🙂

  14. I live close to Sunnyvale!! (Fremont actually)

    Anyways, pretty good issue.  I knew from the covers that most characters were going to get killed and/or replaced.  It was a pretty smooth transition I think.  Looking forward to this book

  15. @sigrid:  I was just kinda hoping he would clean up/change the team, then just have them go on kick-ass adventures in the Marvel U, with minimal relation to the larger events. 

    I am actually located in Toronto, ON, Canada.  My name is a reference to Trailer Park Boys, a hilarious Canadian tv production.  I get the Sunnyvale, CA thing alot.

  16. @SunnyvaleTrash   hah, thank you.

  17. @ohcaroline: Certainly seems like it’s going to be wholesale replacement, doesn’t it? I’m pretty sure Osborn’s going to remain, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see the rest of the cast moving over to a certain other title, with Dark Reign. If so I hope that Diggle can form an interesting cast of replacement. I love the guy’s writing style, and will be sticking with this title to see what happens.


  18. i have one question with this issue. does this come before or after the secret invasion tie-in that had osborn skewering the swordsman? or afterwards.

  19. Presumably before, as Swordsman makes an appearance at the end of this issue.

  20. @SunnyvaleTrash-Agreed

  21. I’m pleased enough to keep reading…though the book will no longer resemble the Thunderbolts I have read since issue 1 in any way, really.

  22. The team is most definitely getting fully replaced. If you read the Andy Diggle/Daniel Way interview on IGN about the crossover coming up, Diggle lets slip a few of the new members.

  23. Does anyone remember when Bullseye was a "normal" guy with remarkable skills for throwing objects?  Now he can survive a crash that knocks out venom without being burned or knocked unconscious.  I’ve grown tired of the new and ridiculous Bullseye (hope he wnds up dead VERY soon), and I’m growing tired of the same stories month over month.

  24. I am new to the Thunderbolts, basically the corssovers for Cival War and then picked up the SI corssovers, this book right now is working it’s way to the top of the pile and has made it’s way from crossover purchase to monthly pull.  I am enjoying this sooo much.



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