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The Thunderdolts are a tried and loyal bunch. Be your commander either
Zemo or Osborn or even an Avenger, they have always been as loyal to
the team as…well, I guess the only member that has ever had long-term
loyalty to the cause has been Songbird. Which made her imminent death
in 126 that much of a scare.

Of course, Bullseye screws up missing his target once again this week
as Songbird manages to get away from his sinister, surgical claws,
though not without getting half a dose of stigmata. In fact, everyone
gets out of the mountain with only minor injuries; Swordsman and
Songbird, now on the lamb, flee from Bullseye and Venom before they
could execute Osborn’s final order as Director of the Thunderbolts.

I will give credit where credit is due to Diggle, who painted a
characterization of Songbird that is as beautiful as Francesco Mattina
did on this issue’s cover. It takes a strong woman to endure everything
that the Thunderbolts demands, be it from Zemo’s ruthlessness or
Osborn’s insanity. She is not without her scars, however; probably the
only one who ever truly believed in the Thunderbolt’s cause, she can’t
help but tear up that it has all come to an end.

The feeling must be mutual for many Thunderdolts out there. The team
has come a long way since their first appearance; Moonstone is still
around, sure, but she has given in to the Darker side, whose reign has
just begun. What is a team player like Songbird supposed to do with no
team? Many Thunderdolts are whispering to each other with glee,
spreading rumors about the return of their savior, Baron Zemo. It’s a
nice dream, isn’t it? Like Nick Fury’s Secret Warriors, Zemo will
recruit Songbird and the like, possibly even Atlas and the rest of the
gang. Just like old times, right?

The only thing we know at the moment is that the Thunderbolts and their
role in the Marvel world, and in Norman’s agenda, have certainly
changed. And this bird you cannot.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good

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