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  1. I never was a Thor fan, but after being forced to read the first 7 issues in one sitting, Im hooked.

  2. I’ve never read Thor before in my life before JMS started writing this series, and I buy almost everything he writes. He hasn’t let down at all with this book — it’s sweet! It’s been really easy for someone like me who knows nothing about Thor to enjoy the story. The artwork has been top notch too.

  3. I’m really enjoying this new Thor, but I do wish that it would move it along a little bit.

  4. I’m really enjoying the book a lot. JMS is the perfect fit for this book but I’m kinda upset they put more action in the 2 issues with Djurdjevic instead of Coipel. I think Coipel would have blown us away with the pages.

  5. The last Thor revamp is what got me into comics, so you know I’ve been on board this one since issue 1 came out. I’m loving every issue so far, JMS does his best work when he’s blending Mythology/Folklore into a modern setting. If you go back and look at the animated series The Real Ghostbusters, all the best episodes were his, and TRG did some really fantastic blending of Folklore.

  6. I am a die hard JMS fan. I’ll get anything he does. That being said this book needs to get going. Thor needs to lay the smack down on SOMEONE!

  7. I am quite surprised that this book is so popular. The nuances of Ragnarock, Niffleheim, Jotunheim, Frost Giants, and Norns seems really esoteric, even for die-hard Marvel fans. On the other hand, I like the minutae, and it’s important to remember that Thor is a god!

  8. This book has absolutley lost it’s steam after the first couple of great issues. That being said, I am still enjoying the story, and the artwork. Let’s hope that the action picks up next month.

  9. I hear a lot of people saying this book has lost its steam. I don’t think the book is supposed to have steam. I think that this is just a good tale of Thor as god, not Thor as super hero. I have a feeling that most of this book is going to exactly like this on was. And every once in a while we will see it intersect with the rest of the Marvel U. I love this book. Its almost like an Indi book where a Marvel hero shows up from time to time.

  10. it was great.

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