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  1. Now I have been enojying this series so far, but i just cant wait until Thor starts interacting with the rest of the Marvel U.

  2. Hopefully they will be able to get this book back on a monthly schedule. I absolutley adore Copiel’s work but he must be incredibly slow.

  3. I understand the time that is required to reassemble Azgard, and hopefully this last issue was the final build up story. I desperately need to see Thor taking the hammer to some peoples domes. We got a taste of it when he was down in New Orleans, but it just wasn’t enough. I wonder @meccaend if they are going to keep Thor away from the rest of the Marvel U, or if they are going to give him a chance to bust some Skrull Skulls!!??

  4. Thor has been one of my most anticipated series in quite a while. What really seems amazing is the bond of trust between Thor and Blake. It really makes the run unique, there a kind of a genuine trust between Thor and Blake that you really don’t see anywhere else in comics. Thor #6 was fantastic, and definitely continues that notion; I really can’t wait to see what goes down after Thor 6.

    By the way, anyone hear about the Matt Fraction’s project on Thor? I’m interested but the verdict is still out, I can’t wait for a preview or something though.


  5. They showed some preview art of the Fraction Thor stuff and it looks amazing.

  6. this series has really made me a fan of thor and i will be continue to follow this series.

    i don’t really care about his interactions with the marvel u, just keep telling great stories with excellent artwork and i will be continue reading .

  7. I’ll be extremely impressed if Marvel has the balls to have Thor be a skrull.

  8. I am so loving this title ! Ironically the one thing I love about it is the thing some people seem to hate about it  …I DONT WANT them to tie this in with the rest of the Marvel U !!  There is enough Initiative crap going on..I see enough of Iron- Man !!  I am loving seeing the interaction between the Asgardians and the small town folk !!    Keep Avengers and Skrulls away please..we can get enough of that in a 100 other books !!

  9. Thor need to grow a beard.

  10. I must agree with tazz not everyone should be connected. Well you know what I mean.

  11. I want to see Thor the character participate during Secret Invasion – but that dosen’t mean I want or need the book to tie in. He can show up in the main book and I’ll be happy.

  12. I am pleased, albeit shocked, that this title is so popular. The esoterica of Asgard only seems to make sense after one reads about a year’s worth of Thor books. Still, congratulations to the creative team for this unexpected success.

  13. I know I wanted Thor to interact with the rest of the Marvel Universe (I mean, I always assumed his return would be a pretty big deal, but no one seems to have cared so far, except Iron Man turning up for five minutes…) but I think I agree with Tazz – I have seen enough Iron Man over the last few years to make my head explode

  14. Thismay just be me but does anyone else kinda tick you off (but i still enjoy both) that two mythologysare in the same universe and are both true god-like creatures but then again…its comic books.

  15. I loved this issue. I know for most the big cuiture interaction between the regular people and the Asgardians has been the draw, but I like it that they are exploring Thor’s psyche.

  16. This was definately my favorite issue of Thor yet, the art was superb and the story was really mature and poetic.

  17. Continuing to love this series.  Loki being a woman has thrown in all this wrong kind of tension with Thor.

  18. This is the first issue of Thor I’ve picked up since #2, and umm…Loki’s a woman?  I’m probably not going to go back and pick up the previous issues, can someone fill me in?

  19. This was awesome … artwork 5 out of 5 … story developing nicely … can’t wait for next one..

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