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THOR #606

THE FINAL BATTLE! Dr. Doom has committed barbaric atrocities against the Asgardians living in his realm of Latveria. Now Balder has marshaled his forces, and called upon the counsel of his general, Tyr, the God of War. Even the outcast Thor has rallied to the defense of his people. But what secret weapon has Doom wrought with secrets plundered from Asgard?! And whose side is the duplicitous Loki truly on…?

WRITER: Kieron Gillen
PENCILS: Billy Tan
COLORED BY: Christina Strain
COVER BY: Billy Tan

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 4.0
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  1. Cool, kinetic close up cover from Tan and I can’t believe Gillen’s making me read Thor and I almost like it to, but I fucking hate Thor and the fucking lame asgardians. I hope Doom win!

  2. I really enjoyed last issue. I like the way Gillen’s writing Doom, but it’s a little too Third Person-y for me. As well, we need to stop with the "Oh noes, Ittttttttttt’s a doombot" reveal every time Doom shows up somewhere.

    @Rockingeek Thor really doesn’t care for you either. 😉 

  3. Ever since Gillen’s come on bored I have fallen in love with this series all over again. I really wish he could stay on this title after Seige, cause I don’t trust Fraction in the slightest.

    Still I can’t wait for more great Doom speak.

    "This is the last of Doom’s property you shall destroy!"

  4. If it wasn’t for Spiderman this would be the best cover of the week.

  5. @PraxJarvin- I think thats why I hate him. Da motherfucka doesn’t care.

  6. how good is billy tan ?? awesome cover and i am looking forward to this one

  7. @nuclearman- it really depends who you ask.  I like his work.

  8. @TNC Really? I’ve felt that the Doom/Asgardian speak has been even worse than it was under JMS. I’m a fan of JMS, but I thought he had a mediocre-at-best grasp of the Thor language, and under this new writer a lot of the passages have been just about unbearable. It’s still a good read, but I distinctly remember a few instances that made me literally cringe. I do editing, so I’m pickier than some, but I find myself replacing dialogue in my head at an unusually high rate with this title. 

  9. @kndoubleu/Prax: Maybe I just don’t see enough Doom in my comics to really notice if it’s a bit medicore. I think it is just entertaining, and sometimes funny speak coming from Doom. He’s written perfectly like a bad action star villain in the 1980s.

    I know I know, he should be more menacing. But this version of Doom is very entertaining for me.

  10. This was a solid end for Gillen’s first arc. More of Doom’s property was destroyed and everything is alright in the end…..Well with Seige out already we know that isn’t true. Still, a very impressive start for Gillen and I hope the tie-in’s are worth it.

  11. This was a solid issue, but it’s not really blowing me away. It wasn’t as good as last issue, but better than the first of Gillen’s. Tan’s art got wonky in a few places, though. Solid 4. 

    @kndoubleu JMS was not a fan of the traditional "Hark, I doth see a wench anon, friend Balder" Thor-speak and decided to write all of the Asgardian’s lines in iambic pentameter. I noted in Gillen’s first issue two or three direct lifts of Shakespeare to maintain that feel.

  12. This was a really strong finish to the arc and, essentially, JMS’ storyline. I very much enjoyed it, but will be dropping the book until the crossover ends. Then…FRACTION!! 😀

  13. Its all about Loki and Doom!

  14. It is overall well-written, but there just seem to be more instances of contractions and clunky diction that sound clunky in the mouths of Asgardians. It’s me being picky, but it’s also there. 

  15. Tan’s art did get weird in a couple of places, the size of Thor’s head in some panels got me.  But all and all a solid wrap-up.  The continity geek in me wishes it had come out before Siege #1, though.

  16. Havent picked this up yet…hoping there’s something in this that makes sense of why the Asgardians are back in Asgard at the beginning of Siege.

  17. I thought Doom was kinda creepy in this issue. Mucking about with Asgardian body parts. He looks totally insane at the last splash page.

  18. looks like he’s growing a Loki

  19. PotW for me. Fantastic writing, fantastic art. Personally, I love the meter of the dialogue.

  20. I was all set to drop Thor after JMS left but I can’t. This continues to be a great book.  When Fraction comes onboard it will get even better.

  21. @JesTr isn’t John Romita JR teaming up with Fraction too!? 

    I jumped on to Thor on #604 or #603 and have been loving it since

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