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THOR #604

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  1. I’m jumping on here because I want to get on Siege (I more or less ignored Dark Reign completely)  I have no idea what to expect with this book and it scares me.

  2. Curious and a little bit worried.  Let’s see how this goes.

  3. how is this writer not sure if i wanna keep up with this now that jms is gone

  4. @Petropeterson-His Phonogram work is really good, particularly the latest series.  I have yet to read any of his superhero work, but hear good things about it. 

  5. I’m looking forward to seeing where this is going.  I’m sad to see JMS off the book but I’ve heard nothing but good things about Gillen.

  6. SWORD so far has been good.

  7. @Trichon – Agreed on all counts. Also, I think I may be the only person alive willing to admit that they like Billy Tan.

  8. I’m giving this a try. Not because I really wanted to (and truth told I can use one less book) but because the absurd "finale" was no such thing. The preview for this run didn’t really inspire me. I could already see direct lifting of quotes from Shakespeare in an attempt to ape JMS’s iambic pattern for Thor. 

    @petropeterson I read Gillen’s Beta Ray Bill stuff. I liked it, but it was decidedly average. I would say the biggest flaw I see in him is a penchant for wordiness and a tendency to not let the art speak for itself. (Your classic "I will smash you with my hammer" type writing, though not that blatant). 


  9. I’m excited to see how he handles Doctor Doom.  I have a feeling he would understand the character very well.

  10. SWORD was a horrible 1 star book.  So was Ares.  iFanboy has overhyped this writer.  Though the preview of his work read better than his dialogue in SWORD.  I hope this turns out good.

    No one can follow the quality of JMS writing, that’s for sure.

  11. i would have taken this oppurtunity to say that Gillen’s Thor speak’s questionable, but i think Prax just did

  12. @KickAss: I completely disagree. SWORD was a 5/5 and PotW for me. Great, fast paced dialogue. The art was exciting. I have not read Beta Ray Bill or Ares stuff, but based on SWORD and Phonogram, he deserves every bit of praise he gets.

    Thor is my favorite Marvel character. I really liked what JMS set up, but I want to see a solid conclusion and I’m hoping Gillen is given enough room in this mega event to deliver. The art seemed pretty good in the preview. I’m hoping this goes well. I’m assuming this will have to double ship at some point to keep up with Siege, right?

  13. I’m trying this ’cause Gillen’s writing it. Cause most of the time Thor suck.

    I’ve read his Beta Ray Bill SI one-shot and mini and the S.W.O.R.D issue and they were all very cool.  I don’t care for Ares since Bendis touched him. I really enjoy how Gillen writes and I’m sure he’s gonna make me like Thor. I don’t know why and I could be wrong. Its just a feeling… I think the guy is having fun and it shows. I’ll see, but I’ll probaly drop it after the first issue cause Thor sucks too much ass.

  14. Prax and Drake has bet me on picking this up. Because I have been definiant saying I didn’t want to read a single issue of this. I mean no disrepsect to Gillien, but I have no interest on anyone continuing JMS’s run. You could put anyone on this title and I would drop it because you are not JMS.

    But…..I will read it at the store and give my thoughts. I owe my friends that.

  15. Really enjoyed Sword, so I wil stay on for a bit.

  16. @CaseyJustice: I also enjoy Billy Tan’s work and am not afraid to say it.

    I’m sad to see JMS go but look forward to this book coming out regularly. 

  17. So the guy writing this is also writing that Phonogram book? Weird. And he’s also writing that S.W.O.R.D. book? The guy has range, that’s for sure. I’m not picking this up, but I look forward to hearing how it goes.

    P.S. To all the guys buying this (and Cabal) because you want an END to JMS’s Thor story…I doubt you’re going to get it. Marvel Universe proper does not do "endings". Maybe it’ll be good stuff, but the closest thing to an "ending" you might get is a complete abrupt upheaval, which isn’t exactly the same thing.

  18. well JMS’ ended with Asgard in Latveria and I think most of us expected that JMS had some kind of way out of that story in mind.

  19. I’m not expecting a solid ending, but I just feel like the natural separation point would be with this siege of Asgard. It felt like JMS was setting things up with Doom and everything else, and I just want to see the conclusion of that. I’m not expecting a definitive ending, just some sort of resolution. I have a hard time imagining not reading a Thor book after this, but we’ll see where this arc leads us.

  20. I’ll give this new creative team a shot and see if they can keep strides with JMS. I’m also in for the Seige ride so I guess I’ve got to get this part of the can you skip a Thor title with Asgard will be under attack?

  21. @flapjaxx I’m not looking for a total ending, but the "Finale" doesn’t even attempt to close the over-arching storyline presented since Thor #600. It’s obvious it was supposed to go on a bit longer. This was JMS’s "So long and thanks for all the fish" moment. He threw us the bone of ending some storyline, Bill-Kelda, but moves nothing else forward other than a hasty ending for Thor’s human avatar. (Having a lapse on what the hell his name is.) I would just like to have a "clean breaking point." If some threads aren’t finished that’s fine, but at least finish the Doom plot. 

  22. This is the first 3.99 book to drop back down to 2.99…how do we get this to happen a few more times?

  23. @mikeandzod21 Replace a name talent with a hot Indie writer who has done some solid if shaky mainstream superhero work. 😉

  24. Is it weird that i liked the previews of this in the last issue than the issue itself? 

  25. I had not enjoyed JMS’ run at all, so I’m hoping that Gillen will make me excited for Thor again

  26. I really don’t like JMS writing since the end of Supreme Power and Rising Star.

  27. @Rockingeek- Are you referring to his plotting or his wording?

    I thought the dialogue and story have been great out of JMS’ run, and don’t really understand where people see fault in his work on Thor. I have read a few stories outside of Thor that I have quite disliked, and others that I have liked quite a bit. I can easily see myself reccomending his story arc to people. Sad to see him and his artists leave.

    Not a big fan of Invincible Iron Man, but I would have loved to have seen Fraction take over the book because of the qualities of his Thor one-shots. I read the first issue of Phonogram, have heard about Gillen’s mainstream work, and read the Thor preview and have to say that I’m going into this with low hopes.

  28. @Ruo21: Normally I cannot stand Fraction, but I would make an exception for this title.

    Those series of one-shots he did a while ago were amazing! Even if I liked what JMS was doing with this title, Fraction was out making an action packed/badass version of Thor we all grew up with. If there was anyone I was for giving this series a chance it would be Fraction. Not Gillien….

  29. What happen to the Odin-force?

    I thought the the head of the asgardians inherit the almost omnipotent power of the Odin-force.  Thor had it before the whole asgard resurrection thing.  How did Balder not have it?  Without the Odin-force, there is no claim to the throne of asgard, Odin used the power to maintain order in his asgard, anyone that dare to challenge Odin of the throne gets their asses fry.

    So if Balder nor Thor has the Odin-force, are all the resurrected asgardians just playing nice, walking around a floating city?  I thought they were supposed to be VIKINGS, not a bunch of long-haired hippies.  If they know that their king was weak like Balder, won’t one of them kick his ass and take the throne?

    And speaking of asgardians, I thought that they were suppose to tough warriors-gods.  Marvel Universe handout claimed that an average asgardian can lift about 30 tons, have bodies very dense to withstand most injuries, and exceptionally long life span… Yet, a wounded and dying Bill, a country boy mortal, could run a sword through one.

    But Dr. Doom is claiming that the asgardians is power, and the warriors three can withstand a full direct energy blast from a doom-bot.

     So which is it? 

  30. Wow.

  31. I have not really enjoyed his writing in the Ares series. It’s okay, and the tools for improvement are there, but he’s not there yet.

  32. I am absolutely shocked.

    This was a great read! Finally! A mainstream book by Gillen that is actually good!

    Although to be fair, this is more of a Dr. Doom issue then Thor. But Gillen writes an amazing Doom and anything that came out of his mouth was pure gold. Billy Tan also had some great art in this, it’s like a rejuvenating year for the Tan’s.

    Now I’m not going to say that in one issue, Gillen is just as great as JMS. It’s going to take a couple of more issues to make me believe that. But this was a fantastic issue and I cannot wait to see the epic fight for next month.

  33. How new ready friendly is it?

  34. I wasn’t originally planning on following through with Gillen’s Thor. Until the Finale, where to finish the "story" I knew I had to read the next three issues. I was pleasantly surprised this read so well. However, it was a bit wordy. Balder’s speech-ifying as full of repeated phrasing and structure that really didn’t add anything to the story. And if I see one more "modified" Shakespeare Quote I’m going to lose it. (Doom’s "He jests at scars" was the most egregious, there were two others I caught. One of which was Kelda’s) Tan’s art was great, the opening and closing pages being stronger than the middle of the book. Balder has some wonky, Anime-inspired faces for a bit. And Tan’s take on Heimdall’s face is definitely Kirby-inspired. This another of those situations where I wish I could give a 3.5. It wasn’t quite a three, but it wasn’t as near to a 4 as the three other books I set as a 4 this week. So… 3/5 it is.

  35. @miyamotofreak I would say it really isn’t. I think you could jump in, but you’re going to be asking a lot of questions on here. It’s literally a direct continuation of JMS’s stuff.

  36. @miyamotofreak

    I jumped on here and I couldn’t even begin to explain what just happened.

  37. @miyamotofreak

    I thought that the previously… page was more than enough to get you started.  I had no problem diving in here and thoroughly enjoyed the issue.

  38. yes! this was great.  dialogue was a bit clunky, especially the Balder and Loki bits, but overall, this issue kicked all kinds of ass.

  39. The page with Doom and the cyborg…..Asgardians thingys emerging was badass. Like a scene out of a movie.

    Also, him saying: "For the first two, Doom says no" made my laugh for some reason.

  40. I jumped on here because of Siege, and though I’m sure a lot went right over my head, I thought I followed it pretty well and definitely enjoyed it.  I’m on board for at least the next few issues.

  41. It’s not JMS, but it works. That’s all I have to say about it so far.

  42. Pretty good, better than I expected anyway. I might have even given it 5 stars if Coipel or Djurdjevic were still on art. A little tired of only seeing Thor in one or two pages though, like what we’ve seen in the past several issues.

  43. The scene where the Asgardian undead cyborgs just kept coming and coming… that was pretty sweet.

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