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THOR #602

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JesTr06/25/09YesRead Review
TheDudeVonDoom06/24/09NoRead Review
changingshades06/24/09YesRead Review
Avg Rating: 4.0
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  1. YES!

  2. that cover makes me think of a led zepplin song… the only good one

  3. @Edward- Take that back.

  4. he he

  5. What an awesome cover.

  6. broken Mjolnir- is there any image more awesome?

  7. Just another amazing issue of Marvel’s best comic.

  8. did this actually come out, because I didn’t get it

  9. Yes it came out. Brilliant issue. Really, enjoyed it. Some pretty big implications from this issue, too. 5/5. I’m liking Marko Djurdevik (Sp?) but he’s no Copiel.

  10. This comic is one of my favourite from Marvel, every issue is a great one.  Djurdjevic isn’t Copiel but it’s still a beautiful book.  I really like where this book is heading and I think it will just get more interesting as this goes on.

  11. damn, I wonder why it wasn’t in my box, guess I gotta talk to my LCS guy

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