THOR #602

Review by: TheDudeVonDoom

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Usually, I can tolerate some books being delayed, especially if they’re
off in their own little corner of the larger continuity. We’ll get to
them later whenever they’ve finally wrapped up their doings, no harm no
foul. However, that whole thinking changes when said book is one that
you have been following since it’s beginning and a personal favorite.
Even worse is when the stories going on within the book are ones that
are long-term and slow paced, which I should clarify are not exactly
bad things in of themselves. Things get to a point, however, when you
just can’t uphold your patience anymore and start getting just a tad
cranky at the creative team and publishing hoopla.

That’d be my case for Thor, but dog-gonnit I just can’t stay mad at this book.

The past three issues, althought either solid or spectacular, have been
otherwise tainted by the crap ratio of talk and hype to actual product.
Since Coipiel was on for 600, I’m beginning to think that the delays
are in fact more on JMS’ behalf. (It could also be the inkers, or
colorist, or publishing side, I dunno, I just need someone to blame.)
The delays only make the actual arrival and obtaining of issues that
much more satisfying, though, especially since all aspects of the book
– excluding rare blights like Doom and wikipedia – are, as Doctor
Strange would say, pro bono.

In this issue, the last final plotline is tied up just before it was
about to be cut off forever. What does that mean exactly? Well, let’s
just say Loki has dropped the drag and has given the borrowed bombshell
body back to its rightful owner. That must be at least a little creepy
and disgusting for Thor, but who knows what kinks lurk within the
hearts of Asgardians.

Speaking of hearts, I am loving William and his misplaced misadventures
in Asgard. From referring to Asgard’s new lord as “Mr. Balder” to being
the only one aware of the fact that the Asgardians are guests to
Marvel’s main megalomaniac, Billy continues to be the biggest chunk of
this book’s heart.

The only thing I can really say about Djurdevic’s art is that while it
manages to be pleasant and attractive while still being functional, I
am stilll getting used to it as a successor/replacement to Coipiel’s
work. I thought Coipeil really found an environment and cast that
brought out the best in him. I suppose with these darker times comes
the demand for a style more befitting. That is not to say Djurdevic’s
work is necessarily gritty or darker, though.

I won’t say that I wouldn’t mind waiting another two, three months for
another issue to come out – frankly I have lost almost all of my
patience with the delays for this – nor that this issue and its team
got lucky – as I said, the quality has been rather consistent.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. Well said sir.

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