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THOR #12

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  1. a great book that is actually making me give a shit about thor. 

  2. I’ve been loving this series so far but this issue was purely filler so that they can start all the big stuff with issue 600 next month.

  3. Filler? Care to explain? The preview looks amazing… I mean its manloki!

  4. i just love that this has been building since day one

  5. i really feel like this story has been dragging since the first arc… has it been out ontime every month?

  6. @hxcsarecrow–I feel like you do too, great start, but not sure where it’s going and I’m losing interest or faith that it has direction.

  7. I have heard great things about this book.  Even though it doesn’t come out on time, it doesn’t fail to disappoint.  Looking to pick up the the first trade and then the second one once it comes out, and pick up #600 when it comes out

  8. love copials thor too. just a great book.  and the lateness has been made up for with Matt Fraction’s one-shot quidilogy

  9. So how do people feel about female Loki.  Is it working for you or do you think it’s just not working out?  I’m curious what other people think.  I’m of two minds, I haven’t decided yet.  But it’s an interesting change.  Maybe that means it works.  Not sure I want Loki to stay female in the long run.  That’s a pretty severe change to be permanent.

  10. @dusman7:

    This issue has the best of both worlds… read and see.

  11. Well, without giving any spoilers, this issue really made it clear why Loki is female and that twist was enough to push it to pick of the week for me.  

  12. With the exception of issue #2 and the Iron Man fight, this whole series has been filler. Beautiful, well written, filler. JMS is pulling the usual so far. I love Thor in general, and, as I said, the art and writing are outstanding, but I’m dying for something to HAPPEN.

    Come on JMS, haven’t you learned your lesson from AMS and Squadron Supreme? Get on with the story already! The eye candy is too much to resist and my wallet hurts. HELP ME!

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