THOR #12

Review by: TheDudeVonDoom

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Well, I’ll go ahead and say that for those of you who have had
conflicting feelings and tinglings when it comes to stupid sexy Loki,
rest assured that Loki is still a man, in the most technical sense. His
pretty-face façade has just been part of yet another scheme set into
motion against his adopted brother, Thor.

Still, the green son of a giant does something noteworthy in this
issue, which made the read as whole feel less like a filler/transition
for #600 and more like an attention-grabbing hook. JMS gives Loki a
treatment in one issue that rivals that of the entire Loki miniseries
of Robert Rodi, emphasizing the fact that although the great trickster
vowed to never lie again, he is still a great manipulator; and not only
has be manipulated and spoken playful words into the ears of Blader and
the other Asgardians, but he has also been manipulating the very
universal gears of time and prophecies, as if Loki already has the
supreme power that’s been so longly desired. The venomous eloquence of
the trickster really seeps in the feeling that Loki knows exactly what
(s)he’s doing, and has waited a long time to do so, patiently biding
he-…hi-…its time to strike the final blow that’ll rock the
foundation of all its brother Thor has tried to restore.

Also, things get downright nasty when you discover and think about whose skin Loki has been parading in all this time.

Coipel’s work on the book is satisfying as always, but truly flourishes
in the cold, snow and blood-laden battlefields. Or in the shadowy,
demonic brothels of Las Vegas. (Man, this issue sure wasn’t family
friendly. Better get your nieces or nephews something a bit more
wholesome this Christmas, like X-Force or Ferryman.)

So, if you’re still questioning things about yourself over Loki’s
playing pretend, take solace in that it is looking to be for a limited
time only. Quality Thor, though, seems like it’ll be around for a while.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good

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