• The secret history of the Phoenix is revealed in K’un Lun’s book of the dead Iron Fists. One of the most important chapters in the AVX story.

• What is Danny Rand’s secret connection to the Phoenix?

Story by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Mike Deodato
Colors by Rain Beredo
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Mike Deodato & Rain Beredo

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.2%
Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. i’m really intrigued by the whole Iron Fist Phoenix connection and Mike Doeodato is killing it.

  2. The Avengers tie ins have certainly been more interesting than the X-Men tie ins.

    It’s good to focus in on one particular character like Iron Fist or Captain Marvel as opposed to focusing in on the entire Mutant population, in which case it just turns into a retread of the main AVX title.

  3. The preview for this is intriguing because of the guest star character. I am seriously shocked who it is and I wanna know why he is in this.

  4. I loved the last issue. It’s. I’ve the Brubaker/Fraction run on Iron Fist never ended.

  5. I loved the last issue. It’s like the Brubaker/Fraction run on Iron Fist never ended.

    Damn you lack of EDIT button!

  6. I am really not so sure why they would pick Iron Fist to have some connection except for the fact that the character needs some kinda of pick him up. He has not been relavent since the late 70’s early 80’s as far as I am concerned and this may be away to bring his lame ass back to some popularity? Sorry, don’t get me wrong, I do like Iron Fist ; he is a pretty cool character or was back in the karate is popular and Bruce Lee days. I just really thought that this was a way out in the Universe kinda of dilema and not again something bound to earth.


    • With all due respect, think of all of the hundreds – no thousands – no TENS of thousands (or more) – comic arcs that have taken place in the last decade. According to IGN, one of the TEN BEST of the decade was the Ed Brubaker/Matt Fraction/David Aja run on Immortal Iron Fist. This run was critically lauded (nominated for Eisner) and fan-praised. If Iron Fist was ‘relevant’ in the 70’s, he would, by extension, be ‘essential’ in the 2000’s.
      That run on Iron Fist was better than any “Secret Hulk War vs. Civil Seige”, or whatever TRULY lame commercially-inspired, artistically-vacuous ‘event’ Marvel has released since.
      I’ve picked up these issues and tie-ins BECAUSE they promised an Iron Fist connection. Trust me – its the Iron Fist mythos that suffers with Avengers/X-Men sensibilities at the helm, not the other way around.

  7. Deodato just killed it last issue. Breathtaking stuff.

  8. Good to see a string of positive comments for a book I love overall.

    Don’t think I’ve ever seen this on here.

  9. I don’t know about everyone else but I’m starting to like Deodato’s new style.

  10. This is the first AVX tie-in (along with X-Men Legacy) that I’ve passed on. But I’m sure it won’t be the last.

    My enthusiasm is fading fast after giving Marvel a second chance (third chance?) It started off with a bang but has lagged since. I enjoyed issue 24 of this, but last issue, though it had very cool art, barely had any story. And I want more bang for my buck.

  11. This story is great. Leonardo Da Vinci is becoming one of my favorite comic book characters………you know what I mean. I’m glad that Bendis appreciates Hickman’s brilliance and is building upon it. Hell yeah!

  12. This whole Iron Fist thing has just been silly to me and has really undermined this title right now with the Phoenix load of crap. I will apologize in advance; I am sorry! This issue was just boring and I really did not care who or what this flame bird and girl were expected to do!! Just not a good issue and I only bought this for the cross over and this was just unneccessary.


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