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Still reeling from the Crash, the crew of Kapital trail a cargo ship, hoping to resupply. But the ship, which may be derelict and full of dangerous occupants, is flying a sovereign flag, and boarding it would be an act of brazen piracy. Nevertheless, the Kapital’s first mate, Mag Nagendra, thinks this opportunity is too important to pass by.

Do the rules of the old world still apply in this new world, where survival is the law of the land?

* A new title from New York Times bestseller Brian Wood.

Writer: Brian Wood
Artist: Gary Brown
Colorist: Dave Stewart
Cover Artist: J.P. Leon

Price: $3.50
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Avg Rating: 4.4
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  1. This book had pretty much lost me by the end of the first arc but Black Pacific has pulled me back in.

    • I agree.

      After #3 I wasn’t sure how much longer I was going to stay with this book. Then the switch to Gary Brown on art happened with the start of Black Pacific, and I’ve loved the last two issues, especially #5. While it was detailed and well crafted, I think I found Kristian Donaldson’s art too cold for this book.

      Does anyone know if Gary Brown is the regular artist for The Massive now, or was he just doing the Black Pacific arc?

    • Everything I’ve read says Brown is sticking around for the long haul. I thought Donaldson was great, but I LOVE what Brown has been doing, and I’m stoked he’s staying on. I’m really digging this book.

    • Thanks, that’s good news to hear.

  2. Surprised how excited I am for this title. Really been enjoying it.

  3. The last issue was probably my favourite of the series so far, so pressure is on for this one too be good to!

  4. Now that I’ve I had several issues under my belt, I can officially move Massive to the ‘wait for trade’ category. In my world, this is the highest honor a series can get. The art has been great and Wood is doing a fantastic job on this so far!

  5. Anyone know if there is a definite length for this title or is it just ongoing and see how long it lasts?

  6. Man, the past three months have seen this series go from “pretty solid” to “probably one of the best comics being published right now.” It’s like I always forget how good it is. I’m never that excited about it, but I’m always completely engrossed and engaged within a few pages. This issue might have been the best one yet.

  7. This just keeps getting better. The character work in this issue was subtly amazing. I think Garry Brown may be in my top three favorite sequential artists at the moment, with Staples & Harren. Not just pretty pictures, but awe-inspiring narratives.

    One question: Has anyone else been picking up on what almost reads as … magic realism (?) … on the part of Mary? She has this connection to the sea (plus being able to hold her breath underwater so long last issue) in a way that almost seems out-of-place in a series this grounded in realism. And in that Dark Horse Presents series of stories, I think they implied she survived the flooding of that rig too somehow. She just seems to know more than everyone else or something. And this issue, when she says, “We’re not pirates.” under her breath & Callum repeats it word-for-word… Jedi mind trick? I dunno, just seems very curious to me, all of it together.

    • Interesting theory regarding Mary. I have to admit you make a good case, I didn’t think about it much while reading the book, but now I’ll have to go back and check it out with this in mind.

      I totally agree that this book improves each issue. I think Brian Wood is building something pretty special here, and I’m excited to see where he and Brown take things in the future.

      I’m planning on starting DMZ soon also, I’ve put it off for too long.

    • I’m hoping this is more grounded in reality than that. I read the scene where she says “We’re not pirates” as something where Cal just repeats almost like a husband and wife would, like “yes hun, I know you’re right” kind of thing. Cal is torn because he needs to get his crew supplies, but at the price of breaking his non-violence code?

  8. Most definitely! I’ve sort of felt there was something different with her since the first issue, but thought maybe it was just because of her relationship with Cal. That scene with her on the board I just read as solidifying my idea about that bond (safe to say she could hear the convo through the glass. The water stuff, however, is not easily explained, but at the same time was written to feel strangely “normal”. You have really got me thinking… I hope Wood gives us 6 years of this like he did DMZ. There is so much going on, and done so well. The background stories at the end of each issue. Just so good, and it looks like the secrecy is only starting to be explored.

    • Yeah, I’m not convinced that it IS something supernatural – it would seem kind of out of place in this story… but I’m not sure what it is Wood is going for exactly. Just wondered if it had seemed curious to anyone else, or if I was reading to much into it.

      There are other elements too – the Massive being a ghost ship of sorts & that mention in the back matter of a third mystery ship in the fleet (Cal denied it, but…) – that gives the series a sense of mystery & foreboding that I’m really digging.

    • I’m still wondering about the massive and what some of the crew actually know about it. Seemed like there was some scamming going on at the end of the first arc.

  9. You definitely need to read the prose at the end of the comic. Callum drops a major plot bomb in the first one.

    I really like how the last two issues have focused on contained missions. This title is doing realistic action and suspense very well.

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