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  1. normally i would wait on the trade because of the price but man issue 1 was just stellar

  2. I wasn’t blown away by issue 1, but thought it was very solid. We’ll see how it goes. 

  3. Oh, so this is still 3.99…that’s a bummer…
    But it’s Brubaker, so nevermind the price 😀

  4. Epting covers on this are awesome!

  5. The first issue was really good but, like the others above, im waiting for trade. I imagine the trade will look great too. 

  6. @abirdseyeview  isn’t that mcniven though?

  7. indeed it is.  but Epting is also doing a cover for each issue.  It’s weird, Epting’s was the main cover for #1 but they’re the variants for the ensuing issues.  Sometimes Marvel’s variant system makes no sense.  As I have tried to do with Cap, I’m going for Epting on all of them.

  8. @roivampire  normally i won’t buy a cover by a different artist than the main one on the book but man the change in style for mcniven on that cover is just too impressive. very dynamic pose as well

  9. don’task me why i just addressed myself, it’s one of those days

  10. This is a solid read. Is there any writer more consistently good than Brubaker?

  11. Adventure Comics beat this out for PoW by a hair; this was great.

  12. This series is (unsurprisingly) great.  It’s covering new territory for me and I would suspect, a lot of other Marvel readers.  What I dont’ get is what seems to be a general lack of hype around it.  All I’ve heard the FLCS talk about is the List.  This is SO much better IMO. 

  13. The last panel of this issue was the perfect way to end this issue

  14. I approve.

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