Following the dramatic events of The LOGIC REVOLUTION, what will the Science Lords of the Manhattan Projects do with an Earth they now completely control? NOTHING GOOD.

The thrilling FEEL GOOD, BAD SCIENCE series continues in THE MANHATTAN PROJECTS #11: BUILDING!

Story by Jonathan Hickman & Jonathan Hickman
Art by Nick Pitarra

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  1. Science Lords.

    Story by Jonathan Hickman & Jonathan Hickman. HA!

  2. Yet another Manhattan Projects cover that I want as a big-ass print to hang on a wall in my house.

  3. Image’s website says that #12 will be coming out May 15th. Tell me I’m not the only one who doesn’t think that will happen :-p

    • They also state that #14 is out on May 22nd but where is 13, I think 12 will be out next month maybe a week or two later!

    • I notcied that as well. It looks like 14 is next monht but then 13 is in June. Must be a typo. This book is really more of a bi-monthly title :p But don’t get me wrong, it’s awesome and I’m more than happy to wait for it 🙂

    • I think that has been one of the main problems with a lot of images titles they’re great but always un-predictable on their scheduling, the price you pay for complete independence & also when creators work for the big two on a regular basis.

  4. This might be my favorite cover yet. Looking forward to this as always.

  5. Manhattan Projects AND East of West in the same week?

    That’s just unfair Mr. Hickman!

  6. Wow. Just wow. Both art and story were incredible in this one.

  7. Easily my POTW.

    I LOVED everything about this. From the hints of what’s to come with Oppenheimer and the crew; to the friendship of Fermi and Daghlian. On the latter it seems like these two are the emotional core of the group and the one’s who aren’t solely greedy in having everything at their disposal. The art by Pitarra was pretty damn good and probably his strongest work to date. Not a whole lot of crazy, science stuff so he did a lot of great character work with the models. That and Bellaire did an amazing job with the colors again. The red/blue scheme continues to work for flashbacks and I like the slight change in tone of Daghlian’s form when he walks on the moon.

    Just fantastic stuff as usual from this series.

    5/5 (POTW)

  8. JML ( says:

    Okay, yeah, I think this has gotta be my pick of the week. Funny how this week had Hickman’s strengths and weaknesses on full display. I guess it was bound to happen, what with 4 books out.

  9. Another great one. I love the almost leisurely pace that Hickman’s telling this story with. Obviously, many readers already know Daghlian’s story, but it took until issue 11 to tell it. And even then, Hickman puts an almost sweet and unexpected emotional spin on it, showing the genuine friendship between Harry and Enrico. He does this with all the character focus issues, but still manages to further the overarching narrative. I can never decide which of these crazy characters I love the most, and that’s a wonderful thing. As a bonus, we get confirmation that Hickman’s version of Fermi is in fact an alien. I can’t wait to see that play out.

    • ochsavidare (@ochsavidare) says:

      Hasn’t it been clear from the start that he is an alien? He’s portrait has said ‘not human’ since the start, at least. And didn’t one of the Oppenheimers say (scream) it too?

    • Yeah, I know. Even without the roster page it’s pretty obvious that he’s not quite human. I’m just saying it’s nice to see it acknowledged. It’s almost like a promise that it will be a factor moving forward. I don’t recall Oppenheimer(s) saying it, but you’re probably right.

    • ochsavidare (@ochsavidare) says:

      Trying to google the oppenheimer panel I instead found this (which I had totally forgot about, I apparently need to reread this series)

      But I totally get your point. This series can sometimes feel just like a whole bunch of crazy ideas put together and then to see Hickman pick up the seeds he’s planted is nice.

    • I’m getting a PAGE NOT FOUND on that link. Is it something about Fermi’s appearance changing throughout the series?

    • ochsavidare (@ochsavidare) says:

      That’s weird, I have no problem opening the link.
      Anyway, it is a panel from a passage in issue #7 where Fermi transforms into a big ass alien and kills a bunch of soldiers, and Daghlian sees it. I guess that’s how he learns that Fermi is an alien.

    • OH YEAH! I remember that! Duh.

      It would appear we both need to reread the series. And now our memory loss is a matter of public record.

  10. A quieter issue, and it was fantastic.

  11. Between catching up on his F4/FF run, reading this book, and now East of West; I’ve been reading–and loving–all things Hickman. I’m waiting for the trades of New Avengers.

    He was able to cover a lot of ground this issue without it seeming like an info dump, which was wonderful. I enjoyed the pairing of Daghlian and Fermi, I don’t know much about either of them, but that’s another fun aspect of this book because now I want to know more, so I’ll be Googling (that’s a verb right?)it up this week. Hearing Oppenheimer lay out his plans for the group was great to read–and ponder–about. This book has so many interesting ideas and storylines each issue that I’m gonna have to go through the whole thing again soon, which is fine by me.

    • Oh yeah, Pitarra and Bellaire were money as usual, this book is gorgeous cover to cover. I love the clean minimalism of the actual covers, juxtaposed with the often wild and unrestrained interior pages.

  12. This is the first issue of the series I’ve read. Wow I really like this! The story’s good and the art is even better. I’m going to have to go get the first ten issues now LOL.

  13. I saw a sneak peak of the next issue…. and it looks to be AMAZING.

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