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Captain Cold is back – and he’s more dangerous than ever!

Seeking revenge on The Flash, he must convince the rest of the Rogues to reunite one last time. But what tore them apart before? And what did The Flash do to earn their deadly scorn?

Find out here!

Written by Brian Buccellato & Francis Manapul
Pencilled by Francis Manapul
Inked by Francis Manapul
Lettered by DC Lettering
Colored by Brian Buccellato
Cover by Francis Manapul
Cover Color by Brian Buccellato

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 7.7%


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Avg Rating: 4.3
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  1. Barry is in deep and the end of last issue was a masterpiece of danger and suspense!! The Flash’s Rogues are going to reunite in this issue? If so I can’t wait to see some of these new redesigns for them. Another solid title and I can not wait till comic book Wednesday!!


  2. Was last issue the start of a new arc or is this the start?

  3. Man, i love the direction the flash is going now. Last issue made up for the lackluster 4th issue and the good/okay issue. I felt it was a return to form. I thought it was amazing and captain cold’s look won me over. I agree with Flash923, Barry is in some deep sh*t right now and i’m actually worried for patty. That and the rogues are going to be in this issue!? DAMMIT DC, SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY! and give me the comic in return.

  4. Flash and Batman are the best from DC right now for me, in a close second Aquaman and Swamp thing, i just hope Manapul stays in Flash forever, or at least i don´t know 34 issues.

  5. In the top 6 of this weeks’ Stack. Every month. I’m Not telling you if it’s 6 or 1. Just sayin.’

    A Good week.

  6. A lot of people (on other sites) have been down on Flash. I still like it.

  7. It’s interesting how little talk The Flash generates compared to some other titles.

  8. I hope this team stays on The Flash for a long time as well. Everything just seems to mesh so well together on this book right now.

  9. Wow. This is a REALLY satisfying comic. Exactly what I signed up for when I started with this whole ‘not a reboot’ thing. The art is amazing and the story is pulpy (tribal gorillas!!! Yay!!!) yet there’s real characters with moving stories in multiple story threads that don’t trip over themselves… this is just the quintessential comic.

    And for the first time I’m excited about sitting down and rereading a whole story run in one sitting. Awesome.

    But for now I have to wait another month : (….

  10. This is the best series in the new 52. Flash never disappoints!

  11. Great issue, fantastic twist and some nice pathos. Oh, and the art’s ok, I guess…

  12. Manapul is beating out AvX and it’s THURSDAY.

    Go dude! Go!

    • Don’t forget about Brian Buccellato! Bad colors could ruin the good work Manapul’s doing, and Brian’s colors are the exact opposite of bad! And he’s writing with Francis too!

    • @Ken I couldn’t agree more, the colors in this book are phenomenal. Some pages are bright and bursting with energy, while others have a softer look, but both instances work to enhance the mood of each scene.

    • You dudes are spot on. Sorry, I don’t read this book. I was just looking at the pulls and got excited. Looking at all these comments, I probably should be reading this. Sorry Brian!

      Also wanted to say that I’m just talking about pulls on this site. Just so nobody gets the wrong idea.

    • ya know, it’s funny. i’ve been reading comics for over 25 years now. i only started taking note of colorists’ names about 2 or 3 years ago. the only two i could name before that was alex sinclaire and john higgins. but now i think, on a few titles anyway, that a colorists can make a lot to all of the difference on a book.
      what with the rainbow corps and all, i would imagine that green lantern is a colorist’s wet dream. not to take away from flash, cuz buccellato’s work is superb. and how many colorists are writers, too? prolly more than i can think of, but a good question all the same.

  13. Not bashing on anyone here, understand that, please. I am just stating my opinion.

    I do not see the big buzz over this title. The art is interesting at times, but it is not enough to keep me coming back to this title.

    The writing is so-so.

    A solid “3” in my scoring, and that’s just not enough to keep me coming back to a title issue after issue. There are just too many other books out there more deserving of my money.

    I am very glad others love this book a lot. But this version of The Flash is not all that great, IMO.

  14. A easy 5 and I am really having another hard time choosing my pow this week. This, TDK, Voodoo, Teen TItans and AVX are all up there at the top spot for me this week. So I will give it to my favorite character of all time Barry Allen The Flash, not to mention the artwork in this title has been very different, like nothing I have ever seen before.


  15. I must say the art and dialogue are still great. Though the Mob Rule storyarc is still over, The Flash’s timerift storyarc still has me greatly interested. This series and Batman are by far my two favorite series of DCNU. I gave this a 4/5 overall. It still feels a little empty to just deal with Captain Cold with a generic fight, but everything about this series is still making me look forward to the next issue.

  16. Beautiful book. Really weak writing.

    I love the Flash as much as the next dude, but each issue has been getting weaker and weaker. The art remains strong but everything around it bums me out, man.

    • Maybe with a co-writer or even a different writer the title would do a little more for me, too.

      “Empty”, as lukespencer001 says above, is a good adjective.

    • @tomistommy: What do you mean when you say “weak”? I don’t think this is the best written book on my pull list, but I think they’re telling satisfying stories and setting up some interesting things for the future. How is it not meeting your expectations?

      @mrgriffith: I guess I don’t think this small arc with Captain Cold is empty at all. Quite the opposite, in fact.

      Cold holds Flash responsible for the blackout that has kept doctors from saving his sister’s life, and he’s not wrong – Flash is responsible. The encounter with Cold is another step in Barry’s growing awareness of how powerful he is, and the consequences of that power. The fact that a rogue like Cold isn’t the only one who has some issues with the way Flash is doing things (Patty sure won’t be happy to find out she’s dating the Flash) is adding a great antagonistic dynamic that The Flash hasn’t had in a long time, if ever.

      When was the last time a Flash had a secret identity and an important reason to keep it?

    • @KenOchalek: The constant need to re-emphasize plot points (The EMP, running too fast, wormholes, etc.), the constant use of the editors notes, and, at times, stilted dialog. Granted, these are issues that other people may not have problems with, but for me it seems like they think I’m not able to remember what happened last issue.

      I think that Manapul and Buccellato have some really interesting ideas and I do wanna see where they take the story. It’s just the way that they are telling the story isn’t working for me quite as much.

    • @tomistommy: It’s not that they think you’re not able to remember what happened last issue it’s that they’re making a concerted effort to make each issue welcoming to new readers. It’s how comics used to be written – back when you could pick up any issue and jump in. And a lot more people read them.

    • @Conor: That’s kind of what I figured the reasoning behind it was. That’s not something I was ever really exposed to though, since I only started reading comics in the past 2 years or so. For me, it just sounds off, if that makes any sense.

    • I don’t think anyone is screaming how this series should be dead because the writing has dipped a little. This still is one of the top arcs in the New 52 and there is still a lot of possibility to be blown away. It’s just what I said before, it felt like the first four issues dealt with a great connection and conflict of Manuel, His Faster Speeds, Mob Rule, the EMP, and they were handled and translated out beautifully. The past two issues just feel as if this is a bit of filler to give the Flash a short conflict with Capt Cold while he starts to work with the timerifts.

      Again, I still enjoy it greatly and it’s still on my pull list. I just feel like something is missing in these past few as opposed to the first few issues of this run.

  17. i was actually having a hard time getting through issues 3 and 4 with all that mob rule stuff. i think since the end of the first arc this book has improved. i look forward to more rogue action and between the art, colors and story, i think these guys are just the creators to bring it to us.
    flash fuckn’ rocks! \m/

  18. Well it seems again I have agree woth @sitara119 and it is not a bad thing, The Flash to me has been very good now that the mob rule stuff is over. I kinda of liked the idea however; it did not mature enough for me as fast as I would have liked it too. The Capt. Cold was a very fun issue and had everything we needed in a good comic; action, drama. adventure and mystery. I do not feel they were trying to do anything like the old days! This is just the pace at which they are comfortable moving at with the stories and a little bit of creative refresh on what is going on so far in each issue for those who are new. In the old days they would truely recap the previous stories to great lengths sometimes taking up a page or two. Marvel really still does that in some of their books today and well I really do not care for that way any longer. Either way @lukespencer001, @tomistommy, @mrgriffith, @Conor Kilpatrick, and @KenOchalek have some pretty good opinions and thoughts on what they think the creators are doing above. I think, this comic is a fresh combination of new and old style artwork and writing, which is fine by me. Great work to the entire team on The Flash!! Like any other comicbook in the world there maybe some good stories and some bad.

    FLASH Fu#ckin ROCKS!!


  19. Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato create another hit with Flash #7. It looks like rogues are about to crawl out of every rock around. And does anyone here think that while Barry loves Patty, Flash is about to hook up with Iris? Love quadrangle! Is Turbine the same black guy who got sucked into the wormhole with Iris?, the one who had “Gomez” in the back of his jersey?

    Please check my mini-review here:

    Fantastic art!

    Comments and feedback are always welcome!

  20. Loving the Flash, but what was up with the one page of Apes in Africa? When is that going on? Is this some Planet of Apes original series or Planet of the Apes Reboot with Wahlburg? Is the Flash going to travel back in time and tussle with the apes? That would be awesome!

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