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Struggling with the climactic aftermath of his battle with Mob Rule last issue, The Flash must solve a murder mystery that dates back 150 years! Is this case too cold even for Barry Allen?

Also: Learn the origins of Central and Keystone City!

Art and cover by FRANCIS MANAPUL
Variant cover by MIKE CHOI
B&W Variant cover by FRANCIS MANAPUL

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 12.2%


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Avg Rating: 4.4
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  1. Not sure how I feel about Captain Cold getting ACTUAL cold powers. He’s a great villain cause, apart from having ice guns, he’s really grounded as a character. Just a crook who’s trying to get by in a world with people having super powers.

    Maybe I’m the only one who feels like this..

    • Apparently there’s only room for one guy with an ice gun in the DC universe…I guess Mr. Freeze lucked out

    • Agreed, but lets give it a chance.. afterwords if we complain enough they may depower him and bring back the guns.

    • i like the idea. he’s kinda like ice man, right? it’s the same thing with captain boomerang, an endless supply of some sort of dark energy boomerangs from the black energy rings. i dont know all the details, but it seems pretty awesome and beats the hell outa figuring out where to put all those damn boomerangs. you can only fit so many up your ass.
      dont ask me how i know that.

    • I don’t like this change at all, nor the change to his clothing. I have no hope that this will be as good or better than the previous incarnation of Captain Cold, but we’ll see.

    • What makes the Flash villains cool is that they are, kinda, regular guys with very little meta powers. Boomerang just used boomerangs, Cold had guns, Trickster just used random objects (that is silly but I could see it being used in the real world). Sure Flash had like Abra-Kadabra or Mirror Master too but I liked how silly and real the villains felt towards the first Johns run.

    • I agree that the freeze gun is preferable but I’m willing to give a powered Captain Cold a chance. If nothing else it’ll look awesome.

    • Maybe this version of Captain Cold is taking it to the next level. Perhaps he started with guns, but decided to up his game after taking a beating one too many times because Flash knocked the cold guns from his hands. Guns are ineffective against someone who can move as fast as the Flash; ice powers have a greater chance of succeeding against him.

      I think Manapul has spent a lot of time thinking about what tactics would be effective against the Flash. My guess is that he decided that ice guns really wouldn’t cut it.

    • Well I flipped through this at the store and the opening even as a joke about Cold losing his guns….So I’ll shut up now.

  2. I don’t know why it just feels like it has been a long time since I’ve got to read an issue of The Flash. I guess it’s because I have been waiting and craving it for a month. This has been a very good title and no to mention my favorire character of all time!! They are doing Barry Allen very well except for the ending of last story arc which felt a little unsatisfing for some reason?! Oh well, here comes the rogues and starting out with everyones favorite is only fitting; Capt. Cold!! I hope this character change and costume change for Cap works since it seems we are all big fans of the old one. Only time will tell and I am here for the ups and downs no matter how bad The Flash has got me. Wednesday needs to get here pronto!!


  3. My most highly anticipated book. It’s a goddamned marvel every time.

  4. The art? Fantastic. The story? um….

  5. I’m pretty much just buying it for the art. The quality of the story isn’t even close to other new 52 books, like the night of the owls or Animal Man and Swamp Thing vs the rot.

    • Well, no, those are the best stories in comics right now. That does not for a second mean that The Flash is anything other than a great fun read.

    • I disagree. The Flash is my top five of the Nu52.

      I think the thing with this story is that A) it is subtle, and B) Manapul is pushing the Flash’s powerset and we have not even begun to really explore all of the possibilities. I think on that second point, my anticipation of how it will play out contributes greatly to my enjoyment of the book. YMMV.

    • I’ve been loving the story, and agree with CTROSEJR that the anticipation of how it will play out adds enjoyment to the title. This is my favorite title of the New 52…..and if I could only collect one book from DC….it would be The Flash!!

  6. No matter what other comic I get, no matter who its by, I can never wait for the Flash every month. This isnt the Cap. Cold we remember, but in a reboot you have to give change a chance. BRING ON THE ROUGES!

    • I always wondered (pre-new 52) how anyone without superpowers would have a chance against a guy who moves so fast you can’t see him? Not that I didn’t love the “old” Rogues, but I’m excited to see how they are “tweeked”….. I liked that Captain Cold now has powers that counteract The Flash’s speed, not just guns that shoot ice. His new powers and the much more personal reason for hating The Flash are brilliant additions to the Cold character by Manapul & Buccellato!!

      To quote Booch: “He’s not your daddy’s Captain Cold.”…. Can’t wait to see the rest of the Rogues revealed….

  7. This is the issue i’ve been waiting for. Mob Rule was okay I guess, but it’s all about Captain Cold.

    • I personaly liked Mob Rule for the concept and possible future uses for stories. But theres two things a Flash fan needs.. the rouges, and Zoom.. Zoom is kinda dead (for now), SO YAY ROUGES!

    • Yeah I enjoyed the Mob Rule story more than most seemed to, but as a longtime Flash fan, my need for a fix of Rogues kind of impeded my full enjoyment of it. I’d love to see more Mob Rule in the future, but I need my Snart!

    • tbh I hope Zoom stays dead for a while.

  8. I need to make a choice FLASH or AQUAMAN, I can only keep one at this time and i think are very close this two, can you guys help me?

    • I would go Flash, myself. Better art and better story, in my humble.

    • optra08- Does it really have to be Aquaman or The Flash?? How about Wolverine and The X-Men?? These two books are far better than that title and I am not saying the Wolvie book is bad either, it’s just these two are so much better. Well how about something from a different week and save that money for these? Ok, if it has to be one of these two that has to be dropped and its due to funds you could always sell your body or soul… kidding, kidding BWAAH-HAHAHA-HAHA-HA!! I would really have to say catch and release! That was a fish pun; anyway read Aquaman at the comic shop if they let you and there you go problem solved because; you can’t let The Flash go!! Or on more option, get a friend to read Aquaman and then you can read his or her copy. I hope this helped??


    • I’d keep Flash, dump Aquaman. I really love Geoff’s run on Aquaman so far, but Flash will remain the better book, especially when Geoff leaves Aquaman… When will that be? I don’t know, but few people can write great Aquaman stories. If you HAVE to choose between Flash or Aquaman, keep Flash…. but I’d drop another book and keep both.

    • keep aquaman. clearly superior from where i’m sittn’.
      but, flash is a lot of fun. cut a marvel book if you read ’em. unless it’s daredevil or punisher. then cut flash.

    • I agree, looking at your pull list cut Wolverine and the X-Men, or a book from a different week.

    • I dropped Aquaman after issue 4 because it was super lame. Wolverine and the X-men is better than Aquaman or Flash. If I was you I would drop both Flash and The Aquaman, keep getting WatXM, then stop and get strawberry milkshake on the way home and BAM! the world is once again a wonderful place to live.

    • that’s horrible advice.
      both watxm and strawberry milkshakes suck balls.
      flash comics + 6pack(insert favorite beer or soda pop) = awesomeness
      following my simple formula can help anyone achieve this equation

  9. I felt kinda dissapointed after the last arc. Yet, i’m willing to give them another chance because of issues 1-3, while the last two weren’t awful, they still could have been better. My only problem with the new captain cold costume is that it seems made for a younger man rather than the leonard snart we all know and love.

    Still excited for this issue.

    • It is a reboot, maybe he is younger?

    • Yeah, i know its a reboot. Still, the captain cold i saw in issue 2 looked 40-50ish. I don’t know. I always saw the captain as a guy who didn’t have much taste in something as sleek and youthful as that. Still, i don’t know, maybe i’ll come to love it when i see the guy in action. Though some redesigns seem unnecessary. Okay a lot of them. But despite my concerns, it does look cool. Just not quite what i feel what cold is into. Yes i know there was an article about characters not being your best friend, but to hell with that.

  10. So…this will probably be a good issue to jump back on then?

    • Its a new arc, so as good as any. Might mention events from 1-5, but they shouldnt be but so important…. I’d read 5 just to get the important part.

  11. I realy thought about sell my body or soul. although the body will be sooo much fun, anyway Uncanny X-Men–dump, Ultimate Spider-Man –dump, and that way Flash–IN, Aquaman—IN. Thanks guys.

  12. I pull 13 of the new 52 titles per month. out of those 13 this is my least favorite. I’ll give this next arc a shot but if it doesn’t cut the mustard i’m goin to have to drop it.
    Having 15-20 per week to buy i gotta start making cuts somewhere.

  13. Might start this series with this issue.

  14. Manapul is killing it.
    Mob Rule was kinda slow, but overall pretty great.
    Worth every penny.

    Can’t wait for rogues.

    • I agree, Mob Rule story had some really great moments but really looking forward to this Captain Cold arc and the Grodd arc that follows

    • Maybe I will finaly see a three way battle between Flash, The Rouges, and Grodd sometime in the new 52……. A man can dream!

    • Newsarama has an interview with Manapul and Bucellato where they talk about the coming year. It seems they are basically just going to go one by one and reintroduce all the rogues (peppering in their own new villains as they go) with one or two issue stories that tie together. I think this is a great idea. I’m getting tired of long arcs (although I think it was pretty necessary for the initial arc to be long) and am excited to see some classic villain action. Can’t wait to see how Manapul tackles Boomerang, Mirror Master, and Heatwave!

  15. i really like the captain’s new look.
    the old one is classic, but a lil’ goofy.
    as long as we got the eyewear and some sorta hood, i think we’re all good

  16. Looking forward to seeing flahs’s true rogue’s gallery reintroduced.
    Hated Mob Rule but I’m not one to abandon a good book just cause I don’t like one single story arc.

  17. They have the preview of all the New 52 releases for the week up on DC’s site… check it out.

  18. Absolutely loved this issue. Probably my favorite yet. I really felt the tension in the last few pages with the Speed Force levels rising, Cold closing in on Barry, and the Patty in danger. The only thing that I would have changed would be to have less of the story told through flashback. I was disoriented a few times on my first read. But amazing art and layouts, interesting characters, great story. 5/5 and POTW.

    • Well put. This series is my first foray into the world of Flash, and I think Manapaul and Buccellato are doing a great job of writing for both new readers and old fans alike. I thought Captain Cold’s reasoning for revenge was well thought out too; it gave him a relatable story and explained his hate for the Flash well. And there was a least one shoo-in for Panels of the week in here.

  19. All I can say is yes!! This is the Flash issue I’ve been waiting for. I’m glad the cold guns weren’t written out entirely. It’s pretty interesting.

  20. O.K. I did the right choice in no dump this……good real good, lets wait for Aquaman and see….

  21. best issue since #1. loved Cap’n, loved the speed force limitations, loved the layouts (duh), i even dug the non-linear storytelling. great book.

    oh, and Patty Spivot? nice, Niice…:)

  22. Manapul’s Gorilla Grodd is going to look so sick. When is that supposed to be going down?

  23. Well, this was another fine issue and probably the best one from this title since issue one as someone had already mentioned. The ending is a real ice cliff hanger huh??…… Capt. Cold got Flash right in the shoulder and it looks like Patty is going to meet the maker and Flash’s powers are heading into critical mass. Is Irisis ok?.. If you are not reading this title you really should be, the artwork is tremendous and this story arc is starting off where the first one should have to be honest. I really like do not think this is going to be the same for Flash and Cap, Cap is going out for blood unlike the old Cap, so Barry beware if this any clue as to how the rest of the rogues are going to treat you. Gave this a 5 and just missed POW….


  24. gotta hand it to manapul. his art always looks amazing and it seems to always be on time. never looks rushed. i give the same props to capullo. just fantastic. i love it when great artists can keep up on a monthly schedule. i tend to hate fill ins, but dc has done pretty good with choosing talented fill ins. regardless, not a problem here. very excited about what this creative team is doing. i hope manapul does this book forever.
    i like this new cap cold. fuck the guns. let mr. freeze keep that gimmick. he’s much more of an intimidating character like this.
    cant fuckn’ wait till next month

  25. Sweet…best recent cliffhanger that I’ve seen in awhile.

  26. The Flash is back and better than ever!!!!!!!!!


  27. This was my first issue of the DCnU Flash and it was okay. I can’t see what all the hoopla over this title is.

    A decent comic, to be sure, and I will stick with next issue for sure. Beyond that, I don’t know.

    I do really like the danger Barry faces in using the Speed Force, and I wonder if there are other speedsters like Kid Flash (in the Teen Titans) and Reverse-Flash who Barry will have to worry about now, too.

    Again, a solid comic, and I am glad to be on board for this and next issue.

    • Most of the hoopla is over Francis Manapul’s stunning layouts and illustrations with Brian Buccellato’s exciting colors on top and the fact that they are also writing this book and getting it out on time (without a fill-in in sight).

      No mean feat these days.

      But from a story standpoint, you’re right, it’s a solid book. The stories haven’t made me go bonkers yet, but I have a lot of fun with this book and I think Francis and Brian are still ramping up.

  28. I really do appreciate creators who stick with a title and stick to its schedule. It surprises me how many creators can’t get their monthly pages done on time.

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