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As Central City remains dark from the recent EMP blast, The Fastest Man Alive remains in hot pursuit of the one who set it off: Mob Rule!

What does Mob Rule really want? Learn the rest of his origin right here!

Art and cover by FRANCIS MANAPUL
Variant cover by ERIC BASALDUA
B&W Variant cover by FRANCIS MANAPUL

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 7.8%


Megatron21701/04/12NoRead Review
Flash92312/30/11YesRead Review
dix12/29/11YesRead Review
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Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. One of thee best of 2011 for sure!! This book I have a hard time waiting for every week but, I barley make it!


  2. my god, that cover…

  3. Had doubts about FRANCIS MANAPUL and BRIAN BUCCELLATO taking over as writers but they have proven they are really muti-talented. Great Book

  4. i like what they’ve done with this book.
    i hope we’re done with mob rule this issue. i need more rogue action, asap.

  5. I wonder if barry’s dead?:)

  6. Batman was the Merry Christmas, this is the Happy New Year.

  7. Manapul is worth the price of adimission for this book. His spreads are absolutely superb I would frame his work and put it on the wall as art. In fact I have and it looks amazing.

  8. The layouts were amazing in this issue, especially the page with the hand- and foot-shaped panels. But I gave this a four instead of a five because their weren’t any “blow you away” visual moments like #1 and 2 had, and the issue focused almost entirely on Manuel. (Loved the creepy scene with Mob Rule emerging from a pile of amputated limbs, though!) The last couple pages have me very excited for issue 5. Give me more Flash!

  9. honestly, didn’t love this issue.

  10. Central and Keystone aren’t in the Midwest anymore I take it?

  11. That issue felt like a build up for great finale.

  12. Not enough Flash, but the art/layouts/color were amazing! Looking forward to next issue as the arc comes to a close!

  13. A solid 4. This book was beautiful, but a feeling that I’m getting throughout all the New 52 books that I’m reading is decompression to the extreme. I’m enjoying every title that I’m reading, but I feel like I’ve gotten very little story out of all the titles for being 3 or 4 issues in.

  14. Artwork is gallery good inside and out! The story arc has dragged on one issue to long even the Mob Rules is a fun character and very original.


  15. The quality of the artwork in this series and this issue in particular is as good as anything out there right now. Sits side by side with Batwoman as so of the best stuff coming from DC right now. I have to read the book twice just to make sure i have taken everything in.

  16. i was so bored until the last 4 pages. the art is beautiful, but i’m already burned out on mob rule.
    and, i just dont care about manuel or the doctor and i think they’re spending too much time on character developement for such dull people which really slows the pace down for me. the flash should be a fast and furious page turner. but, for me, it felt like time was holding still for the first 3 quarters of the book.
    i’m taking this off my pull list and will read it here and there digitally when it’s a buck cheaper

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