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• The New 52 debut of HEAT WAVE!

• THE FLASH is on a crash course with THE ROGUES!

Written by Francis Manapul & Brian Buccellato
Art by Marcus To
Cover by Francis Manapul
Variant Cover by Francis Manapul

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  1. Is Manapul back on art? The credits above say yes, but the cover says something else. My enjoyment of this title seems to be directly related to Manapul drawing it. I may skip this issue if he’s not.

  2. Nice of DC to replace the stellar regular artist with another of my faves for a few issues. It’s enough to keep me reading this over written mess of a story a bit longer, anyway.

  3. I like Marcus To’s stuff. He’s a good artist and his stuff is close to Manapul’s. Though nothing can compare to the title with Manapul drawing it. His art is phenomenal and I always look forward to seeing his title page and how he draws the effects of the Flash’s speed. It’s one of the few DC books that I still collect because of it.

  4. Flash was one of my best books at the beginning of the NEW 52 but the last few issues have been lacking a little. I’m getting kinda tired with the freak of the week storyline, and I think the book suffers without Manapaul on art, hopefully this week it’ll be one of the better issues.

  5. The last issue was pretty good even with Manapul not on art but I do hope he comes back soon because I think thats what everyone wants. That or get a new writer to step in for Manapul so he can just focus on the art.

  6. isn’t Manapul working on the annual that is why he is taking off a few months?

  7. For those cringing sideways because Manapul is not on art, that should be the least of your concern. No doubt that Manapul’s visual magic is the highlight of this series (along with Buccellato’s colors), but Marcus To is plenty capable in the Art Department (as seen in Batwing too).

    It’s the writing that needs some seasoning.

    • the writing is pretty bland. only a few issues have really shined in that arena.
      the art has really been the focal point that has yet to fail, but it has been in a few boring scenarios.

  8. I think the best part of this book is the fun energy the writer/artists bring to the book. Even if the story’s not stellar, I can at least enjoy the atmosphere of the book. I’m definitely enjoying this run more than Geoff Johns last 2 try’s with the character.

  9. I’m done! I’m out!

  10. Dropped.

    I just don’t care about Barry Allen, and I’m done trying.

    I’m taking a break from Flash titles until Wally West comes back.

  11. “I’m taking a break from Flash titles until Wally West comes back”…….well, see ya in a few decades then WheelHands.

    I liked this issue, and the barkeep story direction…..something a little different for a bit. I will admit that I’ll be happier with The Flash once they get all the needed “one&done” issues re-introducing us to the Rogues finished, and start a longer story arc.

    • I agree with you, I hope this is the last “one and done” for a while.

      For the first time in like 3 or 4 issues, I’m kind of excited to see what happens next month. They took a pretty big risk with these last few issues, definitely had me considering dropping this title after the last issue. After looking at the previews for upcoming issues, my hope has been reignited. Let’s hope they deliver!

    • Jon Q: A few decades? Unlikely. Five years at the most. Which is fine by me. I think you’re underestimating the fans’ outcry for the return of Wally West.

    • ya know what’s funny, i was all ’bout Barry comin’ back. then i realized how kinda boring Barry can be. i like Barry in JL(his back and forths with Hal are priceless). Rebirth and Flashpoint were awesome, but Johns in the fuckin’ MAN. without him at the pen, Barry has become unbearable for me.
      besides gorgeous art, the two current writers aren’t bringin’ any snap, crackle or pop to the character or title.
      Wally West is certainly “my” Flash. especially when written with a witty sense of humor.

  12. I have to say, this is the first issue that I liked Barry Allen. He tried to talk the bad guys down first and his interaction with Capt. Cold was kind of funny. I like a more passive, funny, Flash aka Wally West. But the art and the New 52 tone works for me in this series. There are a lot of references to “the way things USED to be” and I like that. Art was great and I enjoyed the story. I am also tired of the freak of the week story structure but I like most of the new incarnations of the characters. For me, its good stuff.

  13. Looking forward when the trades start coming out I’m gonna get them.

  14. Good story and good art. Maybe Marcus To can be the regular artist once Manapul is done.

  15. Yeah, great art and good story. I wonder how long Barry will stay in Gotham City for? It seems strange to see him there, but I like it!

    • @ daningotham Flash is not in Gotham, he’s still in Keystone. He just compared “The Keys” a neighborhood in Keystone to “Crime Alley” a neighborhood in Gotham. But for me this was the best issue of this boring series so far. I an hoping this is the turn around for Buccellato & Manapul as writers. This book has been on the bubble for a couple of months now so I hope it gets better.

    • Oh, thanks for clarifying that. I didn’t the fact he was in Keystone.

      I agree this was the best issue in a while. I was on the verge of dropping this a few issues ago but after reading this one I will be staying around.

  16. This book has run, high speed into the ground. Does anyone really believe anyone in the Rogues bar would even talk to Barry, let alone give him a job?! He is entirely too square. What happened to this book? What changed? It charged out of the gate with smart, detailed storytelling and now its just vanilla. Cheap vanilla. I’m on thru 0, and I really hope it doesn’t disappointment me anymore. Whoever decided to introduce the Rogues this way is stuck in the 90’s. Comic readers are much too intelligent nowadays for storylines like these.

  17. The Flash #11. A big chunk of what makes him interesting is his Rogue’s gallery, and this issue is an example of that. I am eager to see what led to these guys gaining powers, and even more excited about the new take on Glider. Marcus To is a rockstar!

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