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• The Flash may survive…but will BARRY ALLEN?

Written by Francis Manapul & Brian Buccellato
Art by Marcus To & Ray McCarthy
Cover by Francis Manapul

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Avg Rating: 3.4
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  1. Marcus To is amazing!

  2. Never heard of him, but that cover is pretty sweet.Im also digging Weather Wizard’s new look.

  3. Looking forward to this. Besides Batman, The Flash is probably my favorite hero in the DCnU.

  4. Hey, I just picked up issues #1-9 and really enjoyed them. I’m still a rookie with the whole Flash origin so what’s with the ring that he wears? It was kinda mentioned in one of the issues but still confused.

    • As far as we know in the New 52, it just stores his costume in some kind of Speed-Forcey/high-techie kind of way.

      Back in the day, the costume was made out of some material that could be super-compressed (or something like that), so the costume really did all collapse into the ring.

    • Oh okay thank you 🙂

  5. this was soooooo bad. this book just depresses me.

    • See, I thought this was the best issue of this run yet. I’m not saying that means much…it’s kinda draggy for a book about the fastest man alive…but, this was a decent issue in comparison to the last 9.

    • Yeah, I dunno… I keep hearing so many good things about this book, but I’m just not getting it. I guess the character just bores me? I can’t really figure it out. I’ve been picking it up and really trying since issue one, but I find myself just not caring at all. It’s a chore for me just to finish an issue.

    • it’s bad, inexperienced writing.

  6. It’s hard to care about any of the New 52. They are not what we grew upsurge, not our Super heroes, they are a new pantheon, almost poor mimicks. I’m trying to be as positive about these titles as possible…it’s quite obvious that at some point DC will split the universe and give us some of our old characters back…they keep giving us the puzzle pieces. But, for now, just enjoy the ride and the stories.

    • Good point, Lebahn. Agreed.

    • Good point. I’m sure we will eventually get some of the old DCU back. Flashpoint caused this skew in the timeline which is why I believe everything is different now. It gave them the power to pick and choose what they wanted, like making Babs Batgirl for example instead of Steph. We’ll have to see what the plan to do with it, if anything.

  7. I enjoyed most of this issue until the conversation with Patty….I can see many conversations where the Flash would realize he can’t tell her his identity…but this particular one dindt do it for me. I have a hard time believing Flash would make the decision that he did at the end of this issue.

    Which is a shame because Ive really enjoyed their relationship so far and Im not ready to see it go where I see it going yet.

  8. I’ve dearly loved this run from Issue 1 but this installment left me a little cold. So much so that I actually checked to see if I’d missed an issue somewhere…

    We were thrown into the middle of a story (that presumably has ties to older ‘Flash’ books which I haven’t read) and it felt like part two (or even three) instead of a self-contained story. I know they were giving us some pieces of it in earlier issues (which is very clever, I like the way the writer’s have done that in this series), but I still felt lost in this one.

    When I was a good deal younger, I used to read Mark Waid’s Flash books whenever I could (but I couldn’t get regular comics), so I’m not a total Flash novice, but I had no idea about Weather Wizard’s origins or how they tie into the book as a whole. I didn’t connect with him or empathize in any way, which I think is important if I’m reading the life story of a villain. I want to know his/her point of view, I want to try and understand where they are coming from (even if they’re just batshit crazy would-be world conquerors). Not bad, but my least favorite issue so far I’m afraid.

    • Yeah, the Rouges didn’t play much of a role in Waid’s run. I think Geoff Johns is the one responsible for bringing the Rouges back to the forefront.

      I’m with those of you that weren’t really into this issue. I’m gonna stick around until September’s Zero issue, but this book is losing my interest.

    • I’m so glad someone else felt like they missed a huge chunk of the story. After reading the first few pages of this issue, I went back to make sure I hadn’t missed #9. It seems like there is just way too much going on right now. Even that page of almost entirely dialogue didn’t seem like enough to catch me up. The art was so great in the first arc of this series, but the convoluted story and the artist switch means I’ll be dropping this one.

    • I think Francis Manapul is coming back again after next issue, is that right?

  9. As a life long fan of The Flash and Barry Allen, I’ve been hesitant to admit or come to grips that this new series, as a whole, has left me unimpressed.

    There is no doubt that the art/design and coloring have been fantastic, but, for me, the plotting, writing and character development necessary to ‘pull it off’ has been faint with no promise of getting better. I’ve never been the type who buys a book for ‘just the writing’ or ‘just the art’. It’s a marriage of the two.

    I labored through the Mob Rule arc hoping for greater things, but the following issues just seemed ‘thin’ to me and it pains me to say, but this was my last issue of the Manapul/Buccellato’s The Flash.

    For those staying around, Keep The Flash Alive!

    p.s. I enjoyed Marco To’s art and love his work on Batwing and had nothing to do with my decision on dropping this title.

  10. I enjoyed this issue, really all of them so far except for some stumbles during the first arc. Although the last few issues it seems like theres a jump, from where the last issue ended and when barry comes into the story (Entering the speed force, fighting turbine, landing in Gorilla City, exiting Speed Force etc). I’m interested to see how he handles being the Flash on a more prolonged basis.

  11. Really missed the regular art this month. Pretty much the only reason I get this title.

    • Haven’t read this yet, but last issue with Gorilla Grodd I found to be fantastic. This reminds of me of more old school superheroics without a lot of the modernization that it seems The New 52 was made for.

      I think alot of people think it’s slow or boring, simply because it’s taken Flash stories back to being science-based, which makes it pretty wordy. I don’t know if all of it’s accurate, but it seems the science is strong and heavily researched in this book.

  12. Marcus To’s art is amazing. Without trying to imitate what Manapul is doing in the series, he brings his own style and the result is fantastic. I like the twist in Weather Wizard’s history and the way his powers work. I am also ecstatic about the return of Lisa snart.

    Please check my mini-review here:

    Comments and feedback are always welcome!

  13. Like so many others I want very much to love this book. The Flash is a great character and the current art work is amazing, but the storytelling side of the book is bad. I left this book for a few issues after the first arch and came back thinking the writing might have improved or maybe I was not “getting it” earlier. This issue confirmed to me that this title needs an experienced writer on the team in order for this book to really take off. Others mentioned they had to check earlier issues to see if they had missed some of the story. I too had to do the same. I believe issue 9 had maybe a page of set-up for issue 10, and when issue 10 begins we seem to be dropped at the end of this story with the Weather Wizard. To make things worse, we don’t get much of a battle between the Flash and the Weather Wizard. I’ll hold on for another issue or two and hope for some improvement. There will be no third chance for the current team.

  14. This issue was ok. I was lost also. I need to read the whole run back to back though and see if I still feel lost. The first story with Mob Rule I didn’t really care for. I think this story has improved since then. Not really a fan of Gorilla Grodd though. I’m sure this title will improve in the future though.

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