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What is the Concordance Engine? Why does a young-gun magician have Dr. Strange in his sights?

Story by Matt Fraction
Art by Michael Lark
Cover by Terry Dodson & Dale Keown

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Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. I liked the first issue, but I was slightly underwhelmed.

    I know Fraction plays the long game, so I’m going to read the first four issues in one sitting this Wednesday.

    His stuff often reads best in trade, or at least in arc-sized chunks.

    I’m really hoping to love this.

  2. Doctor Strange: Player?

  3. Yeah, I’m not into Strange as a stud. Ewww!!!

    The first two issues underwhelmed me — and after paging through 3, I decided to buy (or not buy) each issue based on its own merits. Dodsons’ artwork really seems a bit barebones at time — flat. Add in that I’m not crazy about Red Shulk or Danny Rand in white — and do want to see a couple more classic Defenders not being used elsewhere.

    I do like the ode to the comic descriptions at the bottom of the pages. Probably the most ejoyable aspect of the series to date.

  4. I love this wacky madness. Hope it sticks around.

  5. OMG I didn’t know Dr. Strange was in this. I’m going to have to get 1-4 tomorrow. I love Doctor Strange!

  6. The ramifications of this issue are gonna so bite Doc Strange in the ass! But the meta comment about Iron Fist’s comic book collection was too much! This is wholesome fun via 1976 and even though I wasn’t exactly overwhelmed by its start I gotta say I am in it now. Besides, Strange is hot naked…

  7. Very impressed by this fascinating one-in-done. It felt longer than a single issue in a very good way. Also, the art was off the chain.

    • I agree, it was a meaty issue. I glanced over the fact that Lark was doing the art. I was pleasantly surprised to see that because he is always great. This has quickly become one of my favorite books. There isn’t much hype or buzz around it so I always forgot that until it comes out each month.

  8. My favorite Defenders issue, yet. My favorite comic this week. If this is how Strange needs to be packaged to sell, I’ll take it. POTW.

  9. Fantastic issue for a series I had been a bit underwhelmed by so far. Anyone catch the Tom Waits (and I think Bowie) lyrics at the bottom of the page?

  10. Re-read issue #1, and read #2, 3 and 4 today.

    Loving this series now.

    Really digging it.

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