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• First mission – first fatality?

• What is the secret of Wundagore Mountain?

• The Defenders vs. the Breaker of Worlds!

Story by Matt Fraction
Art by Terry Dodson
Cover by Terry Dodson & Rachel Dodson

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Avg Rating: 3.6
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  1. Really enjoyed issue 1. I expect this one to be a heck of a ride, too. 🙂

  2. I’m a huge Defenders fan, but issue #1 was so full of unnecessary out-of-character moments it made me realize I didn’t want to back it…so I’m out. Sucks to be me.

  3. I didn’t love issue one as much as I have his Thor and Iron Man, but it was full of enough character and oddness that I am looking forward to issue 2.

  4. I thought the first issue was a really solid comic, can’t wait t read this. It’s nice to be able to read Iron Fist not written by bendis as well, who I like but I don’t like the way he writes him, or the costume change. Also Dr. Strange, cool.

  5. Issue one was okay. I’ll stick around for a few issues to see where it’s going — and because I loved 1970s Defenders.

  6. I think this comic is a lot of fun and I love the way Fraction depicts the Silver Surfer. He’s supposed to be a demigod with the heart of a poet. It’s surprising when I see other creators make him so cold and thus, boring.

  7. Whoa. This was bad.

    I really enjoyed the first issue, but this was terrible. Definitely out on this comic, but after a few thoughts.

    I love Dodson, and I know Fraction is doing this “Marvel Style” where the artist has a broad outline and the dialoguing is done after the art and what not… I could see this working if Dodson had another partner. Fraction just cannot stand not being the focus, and it shows. He needs to get out of his own way so badly in this issue. It’s thought captions, narration captions, needless dialogue… EVERYWHERE. If he edited it down a TON, this could be enjoyable. How it is right now, it’s a rough haul through this thing. I barely made it to the end, and that’s only because I wanted to like it. Get out of the way, Fraction. Dodson is a master. Let him do his thing.

    • I’m also from the “enjoyed” camp when it comes to Fear Itself. I’ve read and enjoyed many Fraction comics. This one ain’t for me.

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