Spider-Man Decades variant covers by Marcos Martin• Special 50TH Anniversary Issue!

• Join us for a once in a lifetime event: the one, true 50th Anniversary Issue of the Amazing Spider-Man.

• A special over-sized issue harkening back to the legend the legend that started it all! Get ready for an all-new tale about a different kind of power and responsibility…

• Plus original stories by Dean Haspiel, Joshua Hale Fialkov & Nuno Plati!

Story by Dan Slott, Dean Haspiel, & Joshua Hale Fialkov
Art by Humberto Ramos, Victor Olazaba, Dean Haspiel, & Nuno Plati
Colors by Edgar Delgado
Cover by Humberto Ramos, Edgar Delgado, & Marcos Martin

Price: $5.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 5.2%


Andrew Gaboury08/23/12NoRead Review
Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. Looking forward to this!

  2. The variant covers for this issue are pretty sweet, trying to decide which ones I want to get.

  3. Oh right Alpha, had completely forgotten about Spidey’s new sidekick…

  4. Yeah, it will be cool to see who this Alpha kid is.

  5. Anyone have an idea on which cover would be worthwhile to own or worth more in time? I would like to purchase them all, but I enjoy seeing the color green when I open my wallet.

    • I kinda doubt any one will be worth significantly more than any of the others….I’d just get the one(s) you like best if you don’t want to spend the money to get them all.

  6. If anyone is interested Humberto Ramos will be selling all the original art from this book. First come first serve. Check out his twitter @humberto_ramos and his agent @culturevandal.

    I’m really hoping to grab the original art for the regular cover. Its one of the best i’ve seen in a long time.

  7. YES!! I love Humberto Ramos….glad he is back even if it’s not just him!

  8. Terrible writing.

  9. I thought this was an awesome issue. I think I like the last story “Just Right” the best. Although the Alpha story was really good too. I wonder how long Alpha will be in the book?

  10. Not my favorite issue. The Alpha stuff seems a bit on-the-nose, either way it plays out (kids learns a valuable lesson or kid becomes villain), and the back-ups did little to stir the soul.

    Nice covers, though.

  11. I loved this issue and i thought the Joshua Fialkov Spidey story was one of the funniest and fun spidey one shot storys ive ever read. I hope he gets to write for spiderman again at some time in the future.

  12. Poochie

  13. This was my last issue of ASM until a new writer comes on board. Spidey having a sidekick is just not for me and the other stories in this comic sucked as well. I feel ripped off for the $6.00 bucks I paid.

  14. I thought the main (Alpha) story was okay, I’m interested to see how Spidey handles the sidekick thing for a bit but I think it’s going to get old fast as Alpha is a very unlikable character (intentionally I think). I liked the backup stories and as mentioned before I love all of the covers.

  15. The Alpha story line is not that bad, but why give spiderman a sidekick? Also this kid is suppose to be SUPER strong why him? I hope he continues in the Marvel universe but i mean does he really have to spider man’s side kick… Oh and plz dont tell me thats the art work for issues to come because i want the same art as the last issue if not im dropping this book!!!

  16. $6? not worth it for what was in here. I would have preferred some kind of historical retrospective – timelines – key creators – reprints of famous art, etc …
    O well

    As for the main story – I thought it was not bad but I really don’t want this Alpha kid sticking around too long – that could get old quick

    As a side note – I met Dan Slott yesterday at Fan Expo. He took the time to chat with everyone who lined up and was an incredibly gracious and all around nice guy. We talked about the Lizard arc that just wrapped up (which was awesome) and he told me the build up to 700 is gonna be epic – called it the end of the Big Time era. Can`t wait

  17. The main story was absolute crap. The back ups were decent.

  18. I fairly enjoyed this issue of ASM #692, although I do agree with everyone here, Spiderman and Alpha do not seem like a good mix. With issue #700 drawing near though, I am wondering if Alpha is going to be mainly connected to the event that will take place in the comics milestone issue.
    Only time will tell, and as time goes on, I will continue to enjoy Dan Slotts run on The Amazing Spiderman.

  19. I enjoyed it. It was sappy and sentimental and goofy and interesting. But 6 bucks…really marvel…really?

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