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Thanos…Nova…Silver Surfer…Quasar…Gladiator…the cosmic heavy-hitters take the stage as Marvel’s latest sci-fi saga rockets onwards! A rival universe where life is the ultimate curse–and reality is determined by twisted, monolithic gods–is gouging into our own! Even the great abstract figures of creation like Oblivion and Eternity have taken up arms! What possible significance can Star-Lord and his band of misfit heroes hope to have? And how will the Mad Titan Thanos chose to take his stand? Find out here – and also find out why Aint It Cool News says: “Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning continue to put out stories full of amazing characters and exquisite scenery…each issue is jam packed with the best Marvel space characters that put most of the stories on Earth to shame.”


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  1. I really enjoy this series, but the wait between issues has me just wishing they’d have not done this crossover and released Nova and Guardians as usual.

    Any word yet on if these series are coming back when this is over?

  2. You say THAN-OS.  I say THAY-NOS.  Let’s call the whole Imperative off.

  3. Luckily this book was lettered by the Neurotic Cartoonist, instead of the Narcoleptic Cartoonist (otherwise it would never have come out on time)

  4. @Zenman- I’m scared=(.

  5. Maybe they’ll fix the silly things they did with Silver Surfer in this event. That’s really been my only complaint about DNA since they took over Marvel Cosmic, and if they can "undo" that, they will have my love forever and forever. I enjoyed this event so far, but I admit to thinking I missed an issue because of the long wait (And I picked up the original issues a few weeks late!)

  6. I also feel like I’ve missed an issue.  The momentum of Marvel cosmic has really taken a hit with the delay on this.  I was also reading four DnA books a month for a while there so I’m sure the transition from 4 to barely 1 doesn’t help either.

  7. @Ruo21 – Sorry.  Don’t be scared.  It’s the cough medicine talking.

  8. Marvel cosmic has been so good over the past few years. I want my Guardians back!

  9. @ PraxJarvin  What did DNA do the the Silver Surfer?  I don’t remember.


  10. @Zattaric They didn’t really seem to know what to do with him, so they stuck him back as Galactus’ herald with the logic that he was a better choice than not. This, though, lead to many bad "Silver Surfer has to beat up superheroes to look evil infront of Galactus, but he really let them get away" stories over the years. As well, they seemed to be on a mission to reduce his power level. (Which was already lowered since his last series ended with him becoming God. 😉 ) I never much cared for their take on him, it just seemed like "Crap, this character negates most if not all of the threats we could throw at him so we’re gonna make him a whipping boy again."

  11. So Silver Surfer is back to being Galactus’s herald? That’s so lame! Bring Terrax back! Terrax…now that guy could do some serious heralding.

  12. @PraxJarvin Actually DnA hasn’t written that much of the Silver Surfer. Giffen wrote Annihilation and the Silver Surfer mini leading up to it. If anything I think both Giffen and DnA have made the Silver Surfer more powerful. Of course outside of the actual Marvel cosmic books almost all of the characters tend to suffer and appear much weaker then they should be, I just wouldn’t heap all of that blame on DnA who do everything they can to make these characters shine.

  13. was it just me, or were the ads in this book REALLY distracting??? Maybe there were more, or maybe they were just placed poorly throughout the book, but i felt so disjointed reading this book. All i know is that i did not like paying 3.99 for this book and i LOVE DnA

  14. Holy hell this was freakin’ insane and awesome.  I love everything about it.  It really is just Nova and Guardians folded into one crazy story.  They’re doing a great job juggling a large cast.  Pretty much every character featured here had a moment to shine.  I still think the art is a little off and I’m assuming it’s because there’s no inker but otherwise it’s full of some truly stunning sequences.

  15. The double splash in the middle of the issue is so good it has to be panel of the week. It makes all the Avenger-sitting-around-eating double splash pages look like applecores and chinese newspapers..

  16. This is the first issue in awhile that has me caring about the Marvel cosmic again.  Don’t get me wrong, all the stories have been good but the quality has been lacking a little as of late. However, everything in this issue was great, both great art and epic story. I really liked the coloring on Silver Surfer. He was more chromed out so it was harder to see certain details and contour lines. It looked more realistic. The minute that Galactus and the other cosmic beings showed up my mouth dropped. Can anyone name the other cosmic guys are are they just random?

  17. The arrival of Galactus and the Abstracts might very well be the moment of the week!

  18. The two abtracts in full view with Galactus when they first appear are Aegis (the female one) and Tenebrous.  They were in the first Annihilation.  They were locked away in some prison thing and freed when the Annihilation Wave first hit in the issue that started the whole story.  Then they scrapped with Galactus in the Silver Surfer mini-series.  I need to go back and start from the beginning of the modern cosmic stuff one of these days.

    They rest of the abstracts I don’t know.  I kinda thought they were all gone and Galactus was the last one but I guess they came out of the woodwork for this.

  19. I can’t say I really like this issue. Not bad, some fun parts, but it just didn’t seem cohesive. Spread out and what could have been character moments, were lost in the tumult of moving on to the next point. Still come cool stuff, though. I have a feeling I’m going to have the every other issue quality bounce like I did with Conquest and War of Kings. 3/5

    @Devastron Yeah, umm, they masterminded all of Marvel Cosmic from that point on, how am I not supposed to blame them? 

  20. @PraxJarvin They’ve only written Silver Surfer once, when he appeared in Nova. I doubt they have much if any control outside of the books they write.

  21. Are we seriously saying that the two creators that hold a monopoly of the Cosmic Universe have no power? There is no "outside of the books they write" concerning the Cosmic Marvel Universe and DnA.

  22. This issue was so epic. I wish nova and GoG were still coming out so bad.

  23. This was really good

  24. The art on this is the only thing that keeps it from being a five for me.  I understand that the dark colors are being used to conveigh to us the seriousness of the situation as compared to the previous storylines in both Nova and GoG, but for me it makes it feel to different.  Just my opinion though.

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