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Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    Maya Lopez?

  2. Can not wait for this one.

  3. If Ron has the pick this will be book of the week for sure. And no it’s not maya lopez.

  4. So damn excited for this book.

    Love, love Terry Moore’s work.

  5. Ron does not have the pick.  I do.  Yet….it has a chance for sure.

  6. I don’t feel like I got my money’s worth with this. Why?

    1. Black and white
    2. Didn’t seem like that many pages
    3. The conversations and panels didn’t seem very dense

    It felt like something that should have been $2 tops. I’ll probably just thumb through the next issue on the shelf.

  7. Just asking but should price come into play in a review? It doesn’t with movies. Either the you get energy from the artists vision or you don’t. Should Raging Bull have been a cheaper ticket because it was in black and white?

     is a comic better when it has more words?

     Seems like as slippery slope. Value vs Quality.and Word Count



  8. This was my first ever Terry Moore book that I have read and it was great. I knew nothing about it but when I read it was great. The art was well done and the story makes me want to get the next issue to see what happens. I must say that I am enjoying the independent books more then the superhero stuff from the big two this past year.

  9. I didn’t read much of the advance press on this book, so it was still a surprise to see the sci-fi element (and it was overall sortve graphically interesting the way it was implemented).

  10. the price tag was definitely a little steep.  i could have done without all the chrome on the cover (which, if left off, would most likely bring the price down by 50 cents) and black and white should cost less for us to buy, especially at that page count.  i think theyre probably banking on people not wanting to miss out on the next big terry moore story from the beginning.  i enjoyed the book, but its got a long way to come, i think, before it attains Strangers status.

  11. I have to agree with some of the others here.  The book was pricey for what you got.  I think if there were about 3-5 pages I would not have had a problem but there just wasn’t enough story there for me.  I can see the potential though so I am going to stick with it for a few more issues.

  12. The page count was the same as most books 22 pages. Its seemed thinner because of the lack of ads.

     No advertisements and other factors in this book means higher print costs. Its because of this I really don’t think you can factor the cost into reviews of an indie book– there are to many variables to consider.

    As for the material, it didn’t grab me. I’ll wait a couple months and pick up the back issues if people are still talking about it.

  13. not AT ALL what i was expected from TM!

    which is good. I would have been dissapointed if it was exactly like SiP.
    it was intriguing and i’ll definately keep picking this one up.

  14. I loved this and am so excited about being in on this story from the beginning.  I came to SiP as it was coming to a close and just absorbed the whole story.  Why is this only at 3.8 stars??

  15. why didn’t she just brish the stuff off when they were in the circular forms?

  16. why didn’t she just brish the stuff off when they were in the circular forms?

  17. I have high hopes for this comic but issue one did not give me much.  I feel like this will be great so I’ll keep it on my pull list but I just didn’t feel like there was much meat to this issue.

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