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Jeppard’s life would forever change the day he met Abbot, Dr. Singh’s deadly muscle-for-hire. It’s a day that’d start his deadly journey toward becoming a heartless killer. A day he’s been trying hard not to remember – until now.

Written by JEFF LEMIRE
Art and cover by JEFF LEMIRE

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Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. These covers are getting more freaky. I mean the one for issue #11 is just….*shudders*

    I would like to see the plot advance a bit more. I don’t mind seeing more of Jeppard’s past life, if it’ll make us see more of Dr Singh’s. Still….we need to get the ball somewhat rolling here. 

  2. Very Nice cover. 

  3. God, i hope there’s a big sad drawing of Gus looking at the reader with big watery eyes in this issue. I just need that kind of obviously manipulative stuff, you know?

  4. I do enjoy being manipulated.

  5. Very cool cover. I’m not that big of a fan of the plot twist from last issue, nor of Jeppard’s telegraphed change of heart, but I do love this series.

    @Edward I think you need a good manipulating to lighten you up. 

  6. nah, i might keep bitching about how this title uses the same manipulative techniques as an Oparh’s Book Club novel while the comic community heaps embellishment on top of it

    it’s got a pretension set-up so the book must be good, right?

  7. Reminds me of a Dave Johnson Unknown Soldier cover.

  8. wow. We know nothing about this series.

  9. One of my favorites week in and week out

  10. edward really needs a hug!

  11. Cmon, guys.  Edward is waaaayyyy too smart and sophisticated to fall for Lemire’s obvious attempts to hoodwink us, the readers, into his little game of making us care about his characters. 

    He (Edward) works very hard, week in and week out, to make sure that we all see that he is very intelligent.  Way too intelligent to fall for such obvious tricks.



  12. If you saw a movie with the level of sentimentality of this comic it would be called The Notebook


  13. @edward: Tell me about it. I was practically surging with sentimentality when Jeppard was beating that douchebag’s face to a bloody pulp with the butt of his rifle a few issues ago. It was like frolicking in a sea of flowers.


    This book is brutal, and I love it so.

  14. @edward – You are on a roll this week.  That being said this is kind of how Lemire draws.  Take a look at Essex County or the Nobody.  His character’s faces are chock full of heart-pulling emotional whatnots.  It works for him because the stories he tells are essentially small ones replete with character moments and unspoken understandings.  No one else draws quite like him.  Half of his stories are in the faces.

  15. @Nathan: That’s the cover. I literally had to reload the page to see if that was the right cover. Creeps me the fuck out.

  16. @Rustyautoparts: Oh, you mean that really cliched over done scene where the character starts a fight because he hate himself so much and can’t express his emtions but eventually comes to the realisation he deserves to live and that people love him? yeah, that was genius.

    Why didn’t gus have a belly button because even animals that are cloned from belly button? is gus a robot? 

  17. @edward I never said it was genius, I said it was brutal. Also, stop smoking urinal cakes, that shit will fuck with ya.

    This book is genius.

  18. @rustyautoparts: if we’re going to do this, i never actually said you said it was genius. 


  19. Another great issue! I am really digging this book. Who was the lady at the end?

  20. I would’ve rated this book higher if Lemire didn’t focus on Jepperd so much. Seriously, the stuff with Jepperd in the past is great and so is the revelation for Gus. But to me, there was waaaaaay to much of this depressing/suicidal Jepperd he focused on. I get it, he wants to kill himself but he can’t because he loves Gus. You’ve crammed this in our heads for 3 straight issues now.

    Other then that, and I know that sounded like a lot of bashing, I still enjoyed this issue. Lemire definitely keeps showing why he is one of the best artists around.

  21. Enjoyable read, but… we need to move on. The semi-literal memory lane would have been fine for an issue, but as the basis for the arc? It’s getting dull and predictable. Jeppard’s story is interesting, but not that interesting. Also, some of the pages looked really sloppy. There were some panels where Jeppard’s wife’s belly was contorting at odd angles. Still, a 4/5 book though.

  22. @edward- I know you said "animals that are cloned from belly button". That seems like something a retarded person would say so let’s pretend you said "animals that are cloned have belly buttons". If you had said that, what would you have meant by saying it?

  23. @JesseG: Firstly, i type most of this shit in a fleating seconds of spare time at work so i don’t always have a chance to proof read. 

    Secondly, what i meant was cloned animals are grown the nuclei of an cell placed in a eva with it’s set of half chromosomes removed. The ova is than placed in the womb of a animal capable of carring the ova to term. the placenta forms from this single cell i.e., the clone embryo still grows with a fetal cord hence, belly button. there’s not magically hatched in test tube.


    Finally, next time don’t be an overt asshole, ask me to clearify. ok? 

  24. Sophomore slump.

    @JesseG: one word, bro. it was just one word. only retards won’t let go once in a while.

  25. I’m just not enjoying this enough to keep buying it – it’s a little too slow, a little too familiar, and Gus just isn’t a character I can get behind.  Edward’s not wrong.

  26. This book continues to be consistently enjoyable.

  27. Did anyone notice that in this issue Singh says to Abbot, about Gus, "when he claimed to be eleven years old", but in the last issue he says to Gus "when you claimed to be nine years old." So…how old is he?

    I know its a nit-pick, but if its a central plot point that Gus was born before the plague, which Singh says happened eight years ago, shouldn’t Lemiere be able to keep the timeline straight from one issue to the next? The relation in time seems to important to be that flexible.

    Beside that, other than this arc being a little slow, I’m still enjoying the series.

  28. my store didn’t even get the issue so it looks like i spewed all this bile for no reason.

    i don’t think i can keep dealing with this emotional toll

  29. These comments are funny… Things are moving pretty slow and this was by far the weakest ending. i was surprised, not because it was good but because it wasn’t.

  30. @AlanRob – yeah I noticed the age thing too because it intrigued me before. i’m gonna be a wee bit annoyed at Lemire if it was a mistake because it seems like it’s a big deal. (i still love you Jeff!)

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