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He’s got the might of the military behind him and a camp full of human-hybrid guinea pigs, so why is the ominous Dr. Singh most excited in getting his hands on Gus? What does he hope to discover? And why is Singh asking him so many questions about his father?

Written by JEFF LEMIRE
Art and cover by JEFF LEMIRE

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 2.9%


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Avg Rating: 4.4
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  1. Creepy cover.

    Hoping this issue put a little more focus on Gus, he’s received little panel time over the last few weeks.

    I’ve enjoyed Jepherds backstory, but it’s time for Sweet Tooth!

  2. That cover should make the list!

  3. @Zeppo I would say based on the cover and description your going to get that wish.

  4. This book went from boring as fuck to top 5.  Loving it

  5. This has been quite good. Hope it continues.

  6. I’ll say this much. The colouring had a quantum leap in quality last issue.

    Umm, i kind of feel like the hybred animal/people iare a little pointless though. This could be way more powerful if it was about people fucking each other over.  Instead of cute kiddies with pointy ears and horns 

  7. this book is genius every week

  8. @Edward Lemire said one of the kids is not what they seem and is bad. 

  9. Last issue blew my mind and then stomp on it all night. This book is pure fuckin’art.

  10. Still the best comic on the stand right now if you ask me.

  11. @thenextchampion agreed. It’s amazing to see his plots play out.. He’s never let me down before.

  12. @DDevil1964 – Hopefully, but I’ve been tricked by covers and solicits before 🙂

    @Edward – 8 issues in to a hopefully 60 issue series, it’s possible we don’t know everything about this world yet. Also the series is about people f*cking people over (issue 5)

    @Yappy13 – Really? Can’t wait to see this!

  13. @Zeppo: I agree. But sometimes i look at all the rediculious stuff in comics and think ‘god damn it, it would be nice if this was just about people’

  14. This was a solid issue. Nothing ‘amazing’ happens, more of a slow burn of a read. But Lemire is able to make it enjoyable to read with good character development and art. The very beginning with Jeppard and his wife was just fantastic to read.

  15. Really loved this issue.  The art was particularly interesting, it was much looser than in previous issues.

  16. How funny would it be if the next issue started with the line "Oh wait, there it is."?


    I like that Jeppard is falling apart while we get hints that he might be about to pull it back together.  I also like the Gus reveal. 

  17. Loved the little character stuff with jeppard and his wife, this comic is soooo damn good!

  18. Wonder what the Gus reveal means…..Is he a clone? A fake hybrid?

    Cause his ‘dad’ didn’t strike me as a scientist…..or a smart man. 

  19. Kyle XY says "Sup!"

  20. Jeppard makes a damn fine shadow bunny.

  21. yeah, that twist was pretty awesome.

    see, TNC, i keep telling you this is good

  22. More of the slow burn, and no big payoff at the end, but I’m still enjoying it, and it’s always something I’m very excited about reading.

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