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As Jepperd hits rock bottom, memories of his chilling past resurface. And Gus finally comes face-to-face with the ominous Dr. Singh, a man at the center of the post-apocalyptic mystery.

Written by JEFF LEMIRE
Art and Cover by JEFF LEMIRE

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 21.8%


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Avg Rating: 4.6
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  1. THE best comic being released is out again! Yay!

    Wonder how sick or twisted this Gus storyline is gonna go?

  2. I would bet more sick and twisted is where this story is going.

  3. Best non-superhero book being put out, hands down.  Might even be the best comic overall.

  4. TNC is a complicated man. First he loves deadpool. Now he’s into sweet tooth. So deep. An engima, A riddle wrapped in mystery.

    I’m painfully obvious. See – this is ok. It doesn’t take a lot to make a really "emotional powerful" comic when every second page has a character staring at the viewer with big eyes and a sad look. You know, it manipulative, not genuine. Like an Oparh’s book club book

  5. I was pretty down on this series around issue #4, but goddamn did it deliver with the last 2.  Probably my favorite these days outside of Locke & Key

  6. @Cutty this is my 2nd favourite comic too after Locke & Key *high five* XD

  7. @Cutty

    Exactly how I was.  I liked 1-4, but was more than willing to switch to trades after 5.  It, and last month, blew me away. 

  8. Gus is positively intriguing. 

  9. @edward John Steinbeck’s book East of Eden was an Oprah club book and it was very stirring.

  10. @vada: I’ll give you that one. I didn’t really follow Oparh’s book Club, not being a housewife, however i didn’t read some book called The House of Fog or something. Very painful

  11. I had read it several years before Oprah probably heard of it.  I was watching an exceptionally painful episode and she happened to mention one of my favorite books.  So regardless of how much I fucking hate Oprah, I have to give her props for that.

  12. because she mentioned a book? hmmm

  13. i am always pumped for sweet tooth i really enjoy all lemires work

  14. holy lol @ not being a housewife.  wow.

  15. Love this book, keep it coming!

  16. Last issue was a perfect Lemire book.

  17. I like it but there’s not enough hockey.

  18. @Sunnyvale Trash: Who else watches oparh but Housewives?

    Happy All Girl Comics Week everybody!

  19. Well, technically my girlfriend and I aren’t married and I’m the cook.  So the stereotypical ‘housewife’ doesn’t apply to her.  She just feels Oprah is inspirational, bah!!!  You could imagine the hell I gave her when chubby O announced she was retiring from her show. 

  20. @edward : everyone who wants freebies watches that show.

  21. This was a very good issue as always. The ending was a bit predictable to me, but overall this has been a blast to read. Also very depressing, cause even Walking Dead had more upbeat moments then this. Loved that panel of Jepperd and his wife hugging in the very beginning, beautiful stuff.

  22. This is the best book I read in monthlies (sorry Locke and key)


    I saw the pregnancy thing coming a mile away, too, but that doesn’t diminish my opinion of the rest of the story.  Very solid issue. 

  24. I for one did not see it coming , then again i don’t like to guess whats gonna happen next.

  25. BEST book on the stands< hands down.

  26. Great book. 5/5 for me. Yes, the end bit was obvious but it certainly worked. As much as I love learning about Jeppard, I really wish he was just an asshole who sold the kid out for his wife’s bones and didn’t care enough to go back. Far more interesting to me at least. :-p

  27. Spoiler

    yeah the pregnancy was obvious but still had a pretty good punch, i love that jeppard has taken over as the real main charachter 

  28. I thought this was the best issue of the series so far. All this time people have been praising the book like crazy with every issue while I’d find it a little above average. These last 2 issues have really changed my opinion of the book, it’s really strong now.

  29. It felt so real to me. Awesome.

  30. @stuclach The obviousness of that ending didn’t diminish the issue for me for the most part. But once we saw the panel for the first time of his wife trying to tell him something…..You could see it coming a mile away.

  31. Agreed, not the most shocking of endings.  The surprise for me was Jepperd not killing himself and then leaving…but not to go rescue Gus.  I guess I’m done assuming I know what’s going to happen next.  But it does explain, at least I think it does, why they had his wife.

  32. Anyone else think the coloring seemed different this issue?  They just seemed a bit brighter and more vibrant to me.

     I will admit to not seeing the reveal coming at all.  There are sometimes advantages to not being observant enough to see these things coming i.e. I don’t spoil things for myself.

  33. @Spoons

    I thought the sam about the coloring. The colorist (whose name I always forget) toyed around with shading and blending a lot more than usual.  


  35. @TNC – Yep.

  36. A little disappointed by the pregnancy angle. I just finished reading Walking Dead in trades and it just seems too similar. Jeppard is a great character though and there is a lot of interesting stuff to like in this book. I look forward to seeing how it plays out.


     I had chills when Gun was being rolled through the place seeing all the different shit going down.  What a great series

  38. Gus

  39. Another great issue, though I get the feeling this is going to follow the same trend as the first arc. First few issues send us one way, then the last two parts send us in another direction completely.

    I loved Gus "ain’t no good men" moment. It’s sad how quickly he’s had to go from naive to angry.

  40. @zeppo – my thoughts exactly.  Turns out that his time with Jepperd may not have been a waste.

  41. I didn’t see the pregnancy coming.

    I thought she was gonna say she was infected. (no, not STD.)

  42. @nathan Same here.

  43. I have a theory on who the child is but it may ruin the book. Might as well shut up.

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