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“The new ‘must-read’ book.” – Geoff Johns

“Like a Coen brothers road trip drama… a fantastic post-apocalyptic comic.” – AM New York

“In Captivity” part 1! A new storyline begins for one of the most talked about new series. After the twisted conclusion to the previous issue, take a look back at the first days of the apocalypse and the lengths to which Jeppard is forced to go in order to survive. Plus, discover more details about the disturbing fate of the young hybrid boy Gus.

Written by Jeff Lemire
Art and cover by Jeff Lemire

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 14.6%


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Avg Rating: 4.7
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  1. One of my favorite books on the stands, but I’m switching to trades. I really want to have this on my shelf rather than in a box. Plus having the trades makes it easier to lend out to friends to try.

  2. @drakedangerz I’m loving this so much right now I’ll probably buy both, which is unusual for me. Can’t wait for this issue!

  3. @UselessHero-Mr. Moneybags!! 😛

  4. Interesting, so it seems we’re not finished with Jeppard yet. After the end of the last arc, there’s no I won’t be picking this up.

  5. Sounds damn good!

  6. I want to switch to trade so bad now, but I can’t resist. I must know what happens next! Here is to hoping that they release Deluxe Edition HCs fairly quickly after 2 trades worth of material gets released.

  7. DRAKE! How can you switch to trades!? *jaw hits the floor* Now look what you’ve done.

    Love this book so much that I have a bit of a crush on Jeff Lemire. True story. 

  8. @deadspace At least you’re a female. Imagine the sexual confusion I’m having now…

    That went really weird really fast.

    There’s no way I could stop buying this in issues. I’m really tempted to double dip early on, though, and buying the trades. I’ll probably triple dip if I get the chance. 

  9. I hold never switch either.  I need my fix of Sweet Tooth much more regularly than that.  Excited for some Jepperd backstory.

  10. @Deadspace-They’ll still get my money and I still get the story! It’s win/win. 🙂

  11. I switched as well. Great book but it’ll be more satisfying in trades.

  12. I think I would be fine with them abandoning Gus’s storyline completely and focusing completely on Jeppard.

  13. I think I would be fine with them abandoning Gus’s storyline completely and focusing completely on Jeppard.

  14. I apologize. I’m not sure how I did that.

  15. I don’t know about completely, but I wouldn’t mind having an arc about Jeppard, then one about Gus, alternating until they get back together.

  16. @drakedangerz Boo!! Stick to issues!

    Can’t wait for this. More info about Jepperd and this series has been my POTW for the last two issues. Lemire has finally hit his groove with this title.

  17. @drake – but you’ll have to… wait! *gasp*

    In fairness, I think this probably would read better in trade, and I like the idea of having the books on my shelf but… nope, can’t do it. Too much love for The Lemire. 

  18. Wow awesome cover.

  19. Loving it but switching to trade now that it’s a new arc is tempting.

  20. That cover looks a lil funny.

  21. I don’t have a lot of money to spend on comics anymore and its hard for me to get to the stores every week but this is one of the few books I’m always eager to get and its always the first book I read cause I can’t wait to read through it.

  22. That cover looks great.  I will gladly buy this book monthly.

  23. I hate each and every one of you switching to trades.

  24. Loev this series. Very excited to see Jeppherd’s back story. I don’t imagine he and Gus’ story is over, though I imagine the dyanmic won’t be the same should he come back and rescue Gus.

  25. @skeets- 🙁

  26. It would be difficult for me to switch to trades, since this is such a cool book.  Difficult for me to wait.

  27. "iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 100%"

    – Love it!

    I know it’s probably only one person, but I still think that looks cool.

  28. Hmm, I just now noticed that those aren’t antlers.

  29. In my opinion this is the best issue to date.

  30. So much answers in 22 pages. A perfect stand alone story, but still in "real time" continuity. A tour de force by Lemire. The best 22 pages of his short career. A perfectly beautiful and emotinal issue.

  31. I was afraid there would be a drop off after last issue I was sooooo wrong. The last page was even better than last issue! I am always amazed at how story lemire fits into 22 dialouge sparse pages without it feeling compressed! All you trade waiters shame! Trade waiting “No” (sprays squirt bottle in your face) “no”

  32. Another POTW for me and I will make this stance, hyperbole be damned:

    Best comic in the industry period.

    Nothing envokes the feelings I get from this series. Perfect storytelling, pacing, artwork, just everything works here! Those last two pages just really hit me hard, beautiful sequence. Then the stuff in the pen with Gus, just scary as fuck to look at.

    If your trade waiting on this, you need to rethink that. Conor, drake, anyone else; you need to keep this up in issues. It’s not worth it waiting for five-six months and miss out on one of the best things in the industry right now. Sure it’ll read great in one sitting, but your missing out each month. You really are.

  33. Very enjoyable issue.

  34. I want to make love to this comic.  I’d even call it the next day.  POTW.

  35. @slockhart
    I would snuggle with it and make it an omelet the next morning

  36. This book is one of the saddest things I’ve ever read.  It’s so good I almost feel like I have to stop reading it.

    Not a long wait to find out what was in the bag, but it worked and flowed so well.  Not a wasted panel in this issue.

  37. This title has gotten really popular.  My comic shop sold out.  First time I’ve been shut out on Sweet Tooth.

  38. I find it disheartening that my LCS only stocks one copy each of Sweet Tooth and Scalped (over and above pull list issues).

  39. If scalped hadn’t come out this week, this totally wouldve been my POW

  40. @TNC: With you all the way. POTW.

    The last page was the saddest thing I have ever seen in a comic book(that includes the Killing Joke)

    The Siege shocker was underwhelming because it was all blood and guts and I didn’t see Ares die! The Sentry was bad ass but he was just like a magician with an optical illusion.

    The last page of this was not an illusion, it was pure, unadulterated emotion in graphic literature form.

  41. I feel bad giving potw to another book, this issue was great, it really filled Jepperd’s character out. Last month I never thought the character could encourage my sympathy, but this week I felt bad for him. He did a bad thing, but for a reason he can justify.

    Who wouldn’t want that bag back?

    I was impressed that the 2nd story arc could open and be as strong as the last arc.

  42. Close to pick of the week.  It would be my third under Seige and Scalped.

  43. how long before we find out how they got the bag?  and if they were in any way responsible I have to believe that he’s coming back…

  44. well, this explains everything!

  45. I got a little choked up on those last couple pages, I gotta admit.

    Also Lemire does a great job making people look so  pathetic and sad. Those animal kids…man…

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