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A new storyline begins! Gus and the other hybrid kids meet a new ally in the militia camp, but will he help them find a way out? Meanwhile, Jepperd and his new traveling companions head into the heart of “The Last City” looking for allies of their own.

Written by JEFF LEMIRE
Art and Cover by JEFF LEMIRE

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 6.7%


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Avg Rating: 4.4
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  1. Lemire keeps bring great covers to this title every month.

  2. yea picked up issue 12 and im totaly on this series thanks guys!

  3. Every cover is great. Issue 12 was a nice pallet clenser, I am ready to get the third arc going now. This series has not dissappointed so far.

  4. For a guy that writes and draws this book, Lemire’s been pretty awesome on a monthly schedule.

  5. @cromulent from what I’ve seen and heard Lemire pencils at the speed of light, which makes sense since his line work is pretty spare, which makes it even more impressive how emotional his work is. Always a potw contender

  6. I think Lemire stated he can do roughly 4 issues a month before it goes to the colorist and then print.

    So yeah, if this was a black/white book then we’d see an issue every week.

  7. I’m with all you guys, been loving it since issue #1 and it hasn’t disappointed yet. I think 6 was my favorite cover so far, but this is great. It’s gonna be a tough PotW but this is definitely in the running and will probably get first read or come after CHOKER (been waiting FOREVER for issue #4).

  8. I might hop on trades depending on this.

  9. It will be very tough to pass this up at my LCS, but I have been planning to switch to trades starting with this arc. Sweet Tooth reads great as issues, but even more than most other series I read, I keep going back to reading the arcs in one sitting.  So I think it would be nicer and more convenient for me to have the collections on a shelf.

  10. This title makes me proud of the fact that I have every issue.

  11. @cromulent

    Not to mention he’s also working on an OGN, on top of writing Superboy and The Atom now. 

  12. My LCS guy told me this was late this week, but he’s also sort of an idiot.  Judging by the ratings and reviews, I assume he just didn’t order any again?

  13. Damn I phone I hit 3 meant 4. Always a good read

  14. This issue really kicks it up a notch and this was already towering above almost everything else.

  15. @slockhart My LCS was shorted on this issue as well. Total bummer.

  16. Great start to a new arc. Lots of new stuff, and and the army returning to where the story began gave the book an epic feel. Even though really, we’ve not come very far yet.

  17. i had to go to another store to get it but grabbed the last issue they had so…score  for me

  18. I’ve just started reading this in issues. I read the first trades and decided I couldn’t wait for the next installment XD

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