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In the most intense issue yet of Vertigo’s breakout hit, all of Jepperd’s secrets are finally revealed, as the cold-blooded killer recounts the most horrendous time of his life and the vicious events that made him the man he is today. Shocking and brutal, this issue is not to be missed!

Written by JEFF LEMIRE
Art and cover by JEFF LEMIRE

Price: $2.99
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TheNextChampion07/08/10NoRead Review
kingdomofevan07/07/10YesRead Review
Avg Rating: 4.5
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  1. Ugh….more Jepperd? Did not want to read that…

    Here’s the cover I mentioned was horrifying.

  2. more Jepperd…awesome!

  3. I was hoping the focus would have moved back to Gus after last issue.

    I reread the beginning of this arc in one sitting and the Jepperd stuff doesn’t drag as much as it does in single issues. (I love it too much to switch to trade though). Hopefully he’s found some forward momemt and isn’t as suicidial.

    Hopefully the two character’s pathes will cross again soon, and the focus can be on their relationship….whatever’s left of it after issue #5.

    @TheNextChamption – very horrifying, I agree. Awesome though. Looks like we can always count on Jeff Lemire to bring us some good lucking covers.

  4. @Zeppo Oh the covers have been amazing for this series lately. The one for #13 is fantastic.

  5. @TheNextChampion

    This is the one series I avoid solicits for. I’ll keep an eye out for 13 though when it roles around. I like last months, but my favourite has been the one with Jepherd walking though the woods made of Gus’ antlers. Surreal.

  6. Yeah this is possibly my favorite monthly right now!

  7. … I actually kind of found myself favoring the Jepperd stuff

  8. I hpe we’re close to the end of this arc, I thought it’s dragged quite a bit, especially with an interlude although I have enjoyed it. Maybe I shouuld just switch to trades

  9. I actually prefer Jeppard to Gus.  I think he is a more dynamic character with an interesting history and multiple dimensions.

  10. What a cover.

  11. @Zeppo – To me the story is all about Jeppard & Gus.  Jeppard calls Gus "Sweet Tooth."  Without him the book would be called "Gus".  Without Gus, you just have Bobby Hull without a hockey game.

  12. I wonder what the "furry" community thinks about this book?

  13. @PozrDu – Very nice observation, and I completely agree.

  14. @PozrDu

    I don’t disagree. I think Gus and Jeppherd relationship is definatly going to be pivotal to the series. When talking about their relationship being over, I simply meant it can’t go back to how it was. I look forward to the day their path’s cross again. I’m just afriad Gus would try to kill him. "There’s aren’t any good men" is a very creepy line.

    Has anyone read this issue yet. For some reason I though of Steve Buschemi when reading the Jonny character.

    This issue would have been pick of the week if not for Scarlett. I’ve only just released Gus isn’t even it in.

  15. If by, The "furry" community", you mean the so called homo  sapiens who’s cannon is that the only difference between humans and animals are their furry little coats, then i’d have to say they have deep seated enmity towards it, like anything else created by their own ilk.

  16. @skydog – Humans *are* animals. Biology 101.

  17. I’m so happy that this issue was fantastic for the most part. Jepperd is back to being a killing machine and not the ‘woe as me’ guy for the last arc. Although I do call bullshit on this Abbot guy being stronger then him, I just don’t see it. Art was great too as always and I loved the framing device for the lights turning on and off.


  18. @tnc yeah I loved those black panels, takes a certain amount of balls to put that many black panels in a book. I also really enjoyed the mirror images of jepperd

  19. Getting ready to handle his biddness (sorry for split post hit submit by accident, damn thumbs)

  20. I find Jepperd fascinating and I loved the little preview panels we got at the end of the issue.  SPOILER: Is that grown up Gus holding that gun? If so, interesting…

  21. @The Next Champion

    I don’t think he’s stronger than Jeppherd, but Abbott is likely a training fighter, where as Jeppherd is just a brawler.

    @Stuclach: Very interesting last page indeed….dream sequence or is there a Rambo Sweet Tooth out there…

  22. the end of all my books this week (scarlet,this,b&r) have been all killing. nice.

  23. Great issue as usual. Glad we got some movement. But honestly, I’m glad this arc is over. 4/5

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