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Alec and Abby bring the fight to Sethe’s chosen servant in the blood-slicked slaughterhouses of west Texas!

But while the battle is joined in America, the war may already be lost in the jungles of Brazil, as danger approaches for the Parliament of Trees…

Art and cover by YANICK PAQUETTE
Variant cover by YANICK PAQUETTE

Price: $2.99
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  1. I’ll near eat Pig again, the most magical animal in the kingdom.

  2. This really needs to start picking up the pace some. I was expecting much more from this series, Scott.

    • You need to work on your manners.

      First, it should be Mr. Snyder.

      Second, you don’t demand. You should be asking politely.

    • expecting what? More monster fights? Less amazing storytelling? More rehash of what’s been done before with this character?

    • If being attacked by a zombie human who had his head twisted off with an axe is behind pace, then I have no idea what “up to pace” would be.

    • I agree with Robby and have no problem with how he said it. Get off your high horses, kids

    • You need to work on your manners too, edward.

    • The pace you are referring to is actually quite typical of good story telling, especially in the horror genre. This book continues building up its pace with every issue and with every good arc will likely end in a very high paced action packed finale with some sort of cliff hanger, thus resetting the pace of the book and crafting out a new arc.

    • @edward. not on a high horse at all, just asking the question of what robby wants from this book? Or what he was expecting from it with a writer like Snyder attached to it?

    • @ghostmann Here’s your high horse: “expecting what? More monster fights? Less amazing storytelling? More rehash of what’s been done before with this character?”

      So condescending.

      There’s no reason to be antagonistic and aggressive towards people for desiring a faster paced comic. I’ve noticed a trend today of you almost attacking people for having an opinion you don’t agree with. Bad day?

    • Fishboy, are you stalking me? =)

      Not a bad day, but yeah, I’m just tired of people not backing up their opinions of why they dislike a comic.

      Now come on, yeah, I get it that people like different things and everyone has different opinions – that’s what makes the world go round right? I just want to hear more then ” I was expecting much more from this series, Scott.” (which if you want to talk about “condescending”, I wonder how Scott Snyder who does in fact frequent this site, feels about that line written by robby?) when someone dislikes a comic. I want to hear their reasons.

    • @ghostmann I think the critical error you’re making is in being aggressive with your demands that people justify their opinions to you. Nobody’s going to respond to that the way you’d like and you (should) know it.

    • Oh contraire mon Fishboy – take a look at the comments for Justice League International #5. An iFanboy stepped up to the gauntlet I’ve been throwing down all day on this site and gave some nice reasons why he isn’t a fan of the new JLI.

      Unlike you dude, who has done nothing but complain about me being a dick. Let’s talk comic books fishy. Let’s get into it. Lets get down and dirty why we disagree about a book.

      (what’s that quote about stirring the shit storm?)


    • @ghostman: I like were you’re coming from but Fishboy is right

      @ScorpionMasada: Believe me, I could have responded to your manners comments in a much terser way

    • @ghostmann
      you are not wrong.
      expecting(or even hoping) that people will follow up on vague comments especially when asked directly to be more specific on the point that they are NOT making, is by no means rude. if you dont want to be bothered with giving details, why post in a DISCUSSION community for all to see? why not write it in your diary where you dont have to worry about being questioned on your perception of funny books? ghostmann comments read like someone who is interested in debate and to be offended by it seems a little strange to me. some of you guys act like you can hear a person’s tone of voice through their posts and it seems like you convince yourselves that they are out to hurt people
      stop being so sensitive and talk about comics

    • @sitara
      “if you dont want to be bothered with giving details, why post in a DISCUSSION community for all to see?”

      Just because somebody doesn’t want to write out a three page thesis about their opinion doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be allowed to express it.

      Also, the length of this entire discussion seems bizarre, considering the original commenter has yet to post again.

    • @Blargo: oh, robby obviously just has more self respect than the rest of us

    • @blargo
      why does it have to be 3 pages? but, i see what your saying. i dont want to tell anyone that they have to do something they dont want to do. but i dont think a 3rd party should come in and attack someone for encouraging us in a playful and friendly manner to elaborate on cliche comments that have been expressed time and again.

      and it’s not that bizarre. happens all the time.

  3. I remember elsewhere when the solicit for this issue was announced, and people were groaning at the fact that Alec still hadn’t become Swamp Thing yet. Personally, considering the story that’s building, I have no problem with that.

  4. Good to see Yanick Paquette back on artistic duties; I thought Marco Rudy did great with the last issue, but Paquette has really put his stamp on Swamp Thing. I almost don’t want to read the book unless he’s drawing it.


    • If Paquette is drawing the WHOLE issue then I am so on board, I will even buy two copies, one to read and one to frame. Back to the topic at hand, I enjoy Swamp Thing for the creepy, the insightful, and the overly twisted way that life is being examined. Snyder is crafting a story that is as much philosophical as it is entertaining. Whether or not that is straight out of Alan Moore’s run or not, I was born then, so this is my first experience with engaging and emotional Swamp Thing stories. Sure I may go out and seek the old trade paperbacks, but if I don’t, it doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate what Moore has done for the mythos and the character. He has allowed Synder to breathe new life into what he started. Just like Moore resuscitated Len Wein’s creation. Anyone who automatically assumes that I am loving this and Animal Man needs to understand that I have not been exposed to Grant Morrison’s run or Alan Moore’s run, and unless I have the money to do so, I will stand alongside my opinion in stating that these books are the best of the new 52 for me. They give me horror and intrigue and best of all make me care about the characters deeply. No other New 52 has pulled it off from the first issue and held that form.

    • Bah, I meant to say that I HADN’T been born yet, so this is my first experience with these stories.

  5. I believe I will never look at beef the same way again.

  6. Is this issue going to be the end of the first story arc?

  7. I am enjoying Scott Snyder’s run on Swamp Thing and Bat Man. I think what is irritating though is where certain critics and fans have anointed him as the second coming and he has yet to really prove that. Bat Man to me is a book that is building momentum each issue…I literally had the chills reading the last one and I felt like for the first time I was reading something new in the Bat Man universe…like someone is really trying to expand the mythos rather than stand on the shoulders of Kane, Robinson and Finger. Is his Bat Man better than Dark Knight Returns, Bat Man Year One or Killing Joke? NO. But it’s encouraging. I think the same thing can be said for Swamp Thing. I loved the Len Wein/ Bernie Wrightson stuff back in the seventies…and then I loved it again when Alan Moore rebuilt the character from the ground up in the eighties. Snyder seems to create solid and plausible foundations from which to launch his tales…Swamp Thing is dragging a bit…there have been some pretty horrific sights so far to behold but…the book is called Swamp Thing and I’m eager to see the title character jump in the plot sooner than later. Swamp Thing was originally a comic about a heroic/tragic monster whose wide range of exploits revolved around the eventual hope that he could reverse the effects of the scientific accident that transformed him into a sentient super powered plant. Snyder can do his own thing and add his spice to the stew but I believe in order to truly entertain Swamp Thing purists and newcomers…he’s got to at least incorporate these core elements. If he doesn’t…it’s really not Swamp Thing. That being said…I believe he’s up to the challenge and so far…his stories in Swamp Thing are wonderful, bizarre, grotesque and fresh. There just hasn’t been a lot of “Swamp Thing”. That’s a concern.

    • The fact that the storyline, or the conflict, rather, in Snyder’s take on Swamp Thing is larger than the Swamp Thing/Alec Holland character itself is what I find most appealing about this book, and that’s why it’s a refreshing take on the title (for me).

    • I agree with Maty. and will add that Synder is getting us to care about what it means to be Swamp Thing, so that when Alec assumes the avatar we will understand all of the weight he now carries. It’s more about what he shoulders now as a monster and guardian, and less about him just looking like a cool monster. If Alec is Swamp Thing, then Swamp Thing should consistently be Alec, or close to. It’s a dichotomy of both personalities in one body.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if the war with The Rot culminated with Alec finally accepting his role as Swamp Thing.

    • I think Snyder has already proven himself with his American Vampire series and with the Batman character on his amazing Detective run pre- New 52 now collected in the Black Mirror trade. I actually prefer that Batman story to the current one he writing in the New 52 Batman title.

  8. This was a solid issue but I had some problems with it. Snyder seemed to rush the story just a tad to get to where we are. Plus Paquette is getting way to cute with his layouts. It looks great but it get’s too confusing and he constricts the art rather then let it breath. Again a solid issue, but it could have been better.


  9. The image of them kissing was epic… seriously stopped an stared for 10 minutes at just that one page.

    • That was a sweet page. I thought this was a really great read; The look on William’s face when Alec stood up to him was perfect. It won’t be long before Alec goes full Swampy, and I can’t wait for that, but for the time being Snyder and Paquette have been telling a fantastically creepy and wonderful tale.

  10. After just 5 issues Swamp Thing has become my favorite comic EVER. We will see if it can hold that billing after the first arc, and the Animalman tie in is finished. I don’t think I ever anticipated a monthly issue more than this. Great writing, Amazing art even with the sub in issue 4. A bad guy I am legitimately scared of. A girl I could fall for, and a hero we can all look up to, again probably my favorite comic of all time.

    Here are some of my other favorites so you can judge me intelligently.

    The New Frontier
    All Star Superman
    The Long Halloween
    Joe the Barbarian
    Black Mirror
    Legion of Super heroes ( great darkness & curse )
    Saga of the Swamp Thing vol 1-5, 6 really sucked
    JMS’ Thor
    Spider-man Blue
    Y the Last man
    Batman Hush

  11. Of all the disturbing imagery this book has put out there over the past 5 months, that one panel of Alec smiling devilishly as he starts to use the Swamp Thing powers was the first thing to really give me chills in this book. Simply amazing. Paquette killed it with facial expressions in this issue; so much non-dialogue storytelling going on. I am finally hooked.

    And yeah, that kiss with the skeleton girl & plant creature hugging behind it… just perfect & heart-breaking & … wow.

  12. It’s not so much that Snyder is the second coming…he’s just the breath of fresh air that comics needed. With years of bland books it was great to have a normal, nice guy, with talent on the scene. He’s Accessable and smart and not afraid to take his time investing in a character and the world they inhabit. He takes the time to pay homage to the past so as not to offend the long time fans and create a story that new readers can jump onto. So no, not the second coming, just a writer who creates his own “shit storm”.

  13. Swamp Thing and Animal Man are by far the best things coming out of the New52 and these issues cemented that. Both titles this week gave me fantastic story with exceptional “Holy crap!” moments.

    The layouts (and art in general) in Swamp Thing are some of the best I’ve seen. While the majority of people are praising Batwoman, I see Swamp Thing as a much better book. Not only does it have gorgeous art but it also has a far more compelling story and is better written. Batwoman is still gorgeous but Swamp Thing is a better all-around book.

  14. I love the fact that Alec has yet to take form of the Swamp Thng but when he does damn it’s going to be BADAZZ. The panel embrace with Abby and Alec was breath taking. 5/5 potw tired with Animal Man.

    • I’m not tired of Animal Man. Still dig this book, A LOT. Can’t wait for the merge. This is how to do a crossover!

    • Yeah, I’m also not tired of Animal Man. In fact, this was the first month I liked Animal Man more than Swamp Thing (they’ve both been 5/5 books for me, but the art in Swamp Thing usually gives it the edge when it’s time for my POTW). I’m excited to see the two stories come together.

      I’ve never read either character before these runs, so does anyone know if Buddy and Alec have met already?

    • @maty @Ken I agree with both of you I meant to say *Tied* with swamp thing in its greatness not tired. I think I was tired when I wrote my post :}

  15. Scott is class act. After having written an unfavorable review for the last issue of Swamp Thing (, he navigated our website, found a contact email, wrote a note thanking me for the purchase and that he’s sorry I don’t like the book.

    Swamp Thing isn’t turning my crank (I’m supporting it for its tie to Animal Man, I’m curious how that will play out) but Scott is not averse to negative feedback and I see no reason to slam anyone expressing their dislike (regardless of the manner in which they express it). Just move on, don’t sweat the small stuff.

    As for the book: This issue had a few things I liked and a few I didn’t as has been my experience with this title. I felt the script got out of the way of the story this time which was nice ie: no redundant dialog. The culmination of the events was uncluttered if a little abrupt. To have the climax happen mid book and delay the twist several pages was a mistake in my opinion. A better way to do it might be to place the climax and the twist closer together and positioned at the end of the story, maximizing the impact of both. Like in Animal Man. I may be wrong about this, I’d have to re-read. Also it was really nice to have Alec shake off his stubborn depressive and apathetic slump and do something decisive.

    Paquette’s art looks cramped most of the time due to the overuse of “vine” panels juxtaposed with a heavy inking style. It causes the pages to flatten. I’m thinking maybe that’s done on purpose to push through the atmosphere of The Rot or something to that effect. Not sure. The story-telling is mostly clear and smooth though.

    I’d say I enjoyed this issue more than the previous 2 but it’s still an uneven experience for me. I’m looking forward to reading the first arc of this along side Animal Man in one sitting. That might be a different experience.

  16. I love the way paquette arranges the panels in this book, now when I’m reading a comic even if the art is on point if the panels are just simply side scrollers it kinda sucks in a way. The thing I liked best art wise in this issue was those tribal dudes hangy earlobes I got a friend like that

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