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• Don’t miss the heartbreaking epilogue to “ROTWORLD.”

• Swamp Thing makes the ultimate sacrifice in an attempt save the world from the Rot!

• This issue marks the end of life as Swamp Thing knows it!

Story by Scott Snyder
Art by Yanick Paquette
Colors by Nathan Fairbairn
Letters by Travis Lanham
Cover by Yanick Paquette & Nathan Fairbairn

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 29.8%


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Avg Rating: 4.5
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  1. i’ve enjoyed this run up until last issue. i’ve got a feeling this is gonna be epic. fingers crossed!

  2. So glad the Rot story is over, hope they get into some old fashion stand alone swampy stories after Synder leaves.

  3. My last issue, started great but ended badly. I would still consider it a good 3/5 run from Snyder because he got me to buy a title with a character that i’ve never heard of before.

  4. i like snyder as a writer and it definetly had some great issues but overall this run was very inconsistent as far as the quality which suffered from the changing artists and the writing at times. I feel most of his time was more better spent writing with American Vampire and Batman which im totally fine with.

  5. Loves the first 10 issues of this series, but Rotworld has completly lost me. I was actually pissed-off after reading the last issue. I want to give the new writer a chance, but realistically if i’m not wowed by his first issue i’ll be dropping it.

    • Yep, I feel the same way, though I’ll probably give Soule a few issues before making a decision. From the interviews I’ve read it seems like he has some good plans for Swampy.

  6. I’m still puzzled by the choice of labeling this an epilogue. Last issue wasn’t the end of the story unless I missed something. So I’m assuming that this issue will be the actual end of the story, the promise of an epilogue notwithstanding.

  7. Wow, what I would have given for 6-7 more issues from Snyder in which he wasn’t allowed to reference “ROT”-anything.

    Looking back I’d recommend the first trade of this run, but that’s about it.

    All and all, it was at its best when it was purloining elements and mood from Alan Moore’s run. Pacquette is a great artist and Snyder really clicked with him, but A) the other artists were inconsistent, and B) the obsession with “The Rot” felt way too drawn out.

    I didn’t even know this last issue was a “Rotworld Epilogue”. Gah. I was hoping at least for a one-off in which Alec and Abbie could just… not obsess over the Rot for once.

  8. I love Scott Snyder, and I though the first arc of this book was amazing. Both the writing and the art were stellar. After that, though, the book waned a bit, and once Rotworld started, it just got tedious. As much as I love Snyder, reading the last several issues felt more like work than fun to me. Time for me to let go.

  9. I was going to stick it through all of Snyder’s run, but last issue was so tedious I figured I don’t have to get this. Too bad. I’ll put that 3$ towards Snapshot or something…

  10. Ditto recommending the first 7 issues. The last many have been average to poor, the last one being shite all around. I’ll give Soule at least two issues, unless his first is boring.

    I”m still not sure Snyder actually wrote the last few issues.

  11. This book was so good up until Rot World. A shame.

  12. But give it up to DC for getting rid of the Arrow banner! This week of DC is the first time in ages that I’ve seen big 2 books without obtrusive and annoying banners. Now if Marvel could just ditch the dumb red Marvel Now banner at some point not too far off. I’m all about covers as art. Nothing worse than banner ads. They make the books ugly looking and dont work as advertising. They’re only selling to their own audience.

  13. Snyder’s run has at the very least let me know what I want out of a Swamp Thing book. I don’t want massive 18- issue long story arcs with universe altering implications. I want short 1-2 issue arcs of Swampy fighting a monster of the month type villain. And maybe have a broader overarching story in the background like Moore’s American Gothic, But I want to be able to pick up a random issue and get a complete story. I’m really hoping the Soule goes in that direction.

  14. This is a fantastic issue and feels like a fitting end to the arc. Well done.

  15. Very nice. I could not have happier with the end of this run.

  16. Nice finish for Snyder. I’m happy that even with the failings of Rotworld, this otherwise great run had a meaningful ending.

  17. I thoroughly enjoyed this issue. So glad Snyder could end on a high note, and do it with Paquette. There have been more lows than highs during Snyder’s run, especially last month’s crapfest. So I look forward to the next team coming aboard and wish them the best! Please, no more long winded epic crossover infested plotlines.

  18. Now THIS is what I have come to expect from a Snyder comic. Great ending to what at times had become tedious.

  19. This was just f’n great from start to finish….5/5 potw

    • I borrow my friends copy so I never add this to my pull. He handed this to me early and I knew this was my POTW because I’m a sucker for Yanick and Fairbairn. This issue redeems the past few but only on the strength of the art. In this scenario it was the driving force of the narrative.

  20. While I was not as disappointed with Rotworld as others have been (though last issue was a major let down), it was not as good as I would have wished. This epilogue though I found to be a fitting conclusion to Snyder’s run. I am glad that Arcane was dispatched with relative haste so that Swamp Thing and Abby could have one last moment together. Also happy to see Paquette back one last time, supplying some more stellar art. Not sure what moved more me this week, the panel of Alec & Abby being covered with plants or the conclusion of Animal Man . . .

    I’ll be sticking around for at least the first couple issues of the new team.

  21. This was an affecting and fitting end to the Snyder/Paquette run. I’m just going to pretend that issue 17 didn’t happen. The final pages with Alec and Abby were touching, and wonderfully done in both art and story.

    One thing I did wish was made more apparent was the cyclical nature of death and decay. I think it would have been cooler, and more effective storytelling if instead of Swampy going the superhero route and literally fighting Arcane, if he took advantage of the fact that from decay comes new life. When something dies, rot is the first step towards the formation of new material; it’s like a compost pile, material is broken down and turned to soil that feeds seeds and plants. I think it would have been a cool way to show that the green will always triumph over the rot, life always goes on. It would have been poetic justice for Swamp Thing to turn Arcane’s rotworld into a rainforest or something, and show Anton that even when he speeds up death, he is really only creating the opportuniy for more life.

  22. What a redemption for the series! I am so glad Snyder and Paquette’s run on Swamp Thing ended in such a great way. Story and plot were perfect, along with great characterization of the two leads. It felt like the great story and character development were dropped for the rot world arc, and are now back and spot on. This issue reminded me of why I initially fell in love with the series!

  23. This issue was the quality that I’ve come to expect from Scott Snyder. However, I’m done with this book. I can’t forgive that piece of crap from last issue. These books are too expensive to give the ok to print that kind of inferior work.

  24. A strong finish to a run that has at times lacked consistency, especially during its “epic event”

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