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Prelude to ‘ROTWORLD’! • Continued from this month’s ANIMAL MAN #12! • ANIMAL MAN and SWAMP THING – together at last!

Writer : Scott Snyder
Artist : Marco Rudy

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  1. Swamp thing is one of the comics i look forward to the most each month, but is it just me, or is it always a really quick read?

  2. Do you have to buy animal man to get the full story or can this one stand on its own?

    • I heard you could get away with reading this on it’s own… I’m sure there will be little things missed if you don’t read Animal Man.

    • I’m gonna only read Animal Man, but check here in a few days, I’m sure if there’s anything important someone will fill me in. I think this is the only issue that ‘crosses over’ before they go on separate missions against the rot.

    • According to Scott Snyder, Animal Man #12 is part 1 of the prelude and Swamp Thing #12 is part 2. Then they go separately from 13-16. Then they join back up at the end, similar to the prelude.

  3. Started to get a little hesitant with this series. Just seems to be getting a little messy and losing its way in my opinion.

  4. When the relaunch first happened, I enjoyed Animal Man way more than Swamp Thing. Somehwere along the line, Swampy pulled ahead, and now I’m about to drop Animal Man. I’m gonna stick with both until after the crossover, but I think I’ll just read Swamp Thing solo from that point on, if only because I’m curious about where Snyder’s gonna take the character after Rotworld.

  5. I hope Marco Rudy doesn’t try to imitate Paquette too much this issue. I thought his work was so much better last issue, when he seemed to do his own thing layout-wise. I know some have grown tired of this title, and the build-up to the crossover, but I have been eating it up. I love what Snyder has been doing with Swampy, and I’m looking forward to what he and his buddy Lemire can cook up together.

  6. I’ll probably get this issue but not sure cause I’m really not a fan of Animal Man. It’s an alright book but nothing groundbreaking for me. But who knows? Maybe I’ll buy this week’s Animal Man so I can follow along.

  7. at first I was all like, “Fucking a, Swamp Thing’s new antlers are awesome!” but now I’m all like, “I sorta miss Swamp Thing’s old look.”

    Comic book nerds – we’re such a fickle lot

    • Exactly! I feel the same way. “Whoa, seeing Swamp Thing tearing shit up is great!” And now, “Man, I really miss the Swamp Thing that defeated his villains with a kind-hearted and empathetic conversation.”

  8. These were both fairly weak issues. I’m hoping it’s just because a lot of setup was required to get people familiar that haven’t been reading one or both. I got really sick of looking at AM and ST on the bone ladder, and realized I’m kind of getting tired of this whole Green/Rot/Red business. Hope things pick up as Rotworld gets going.

  9. In the last 3 months, this title has lost it’s way.

    I can almost hear the chorus of “Why are we waiting?”, from the apparently many dissatisfied Swamp Thing & Animal Man readers, across the ether.

    Drawn out plotting + unnecessary origin interruption = jumping off point.

    I’m quite happy to observe the rotworld saga from the sidelines, in Frankenstein : Agent of S.H.A.D.E. Whatever happens there, I’m at least confident the story will actually progress.

    I’m out.

  10. I’m obviously late to the party here but I just caught up with Animal Man and Swamp Thing and I can’t help but comment. These books have gone horribly off the rails. The Rotworld Prologue issues were all about the characters doing stupid and unbelievable things in order to advance the plot a year forward. I actually said, “why would they do that!” out loud several times while reading AM and ST #12. And, derp, it didn’t work out for our idiot heroes.

    I’m still interested in the idea of the Rot, Red & Green but it’s been a long build up to a lame start of a crossover. Will probably give the 0 issues a try next week.

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