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  1. SWONK is Awesome.  Yes that is what I call it now.

     I cant wait to read this.  So far, this is the only superman book I buy and I fucking love it.  Great story.

  2. …so next month this is gonna tie in with all the other Superman books?  Great, now I gotta buy Action again!  RAHHH!!!

  3. That cover image is freakin’ cool

  4. @Robby – Action is awesome and superior to SWONK! Consider this crossover a blessing. 😉

  5. @MisterJ: even though i still haven’t gooten over our little green lantern fight, i agree. that’s a great cover. p.s. you’re stil wrong about the other thing

  6. @skeets

    I find Action to easily be the worst of the four…  That being said, WoNK is starting to get old… I still consider it my favorite of the four, but I’m looking forward to it less and less every week.  Superman, on the other hand, keeps getting better.  I think part of it has to do is this is my fifth issue of WoNK and I’ve only had 1-2 of the other books, so they’re still new and fresh… except Action.

  7. Superman should go see his poor old widowed momma. He ups and leaves her, At least give her a call!!!

  8. All things said, I’m just happy that Superman is good again.  Now if only DC would do something with Justice League…that title is terrible.  If not for my OCD I’d stop collecting it, but then the gap in numbers would just kill me…stupid neurosis’.

  9. Good stuff, I can’t wait

  10. Apparently I was the only person who found last month’s issue just okay.  That being said I am very much looking forward to this issue.

  11. An all right issue. Nothing amazing here. I’ve always hated the "lets put a main character on trial" trope in Sci-Fi/Action genre things (Especially in Star Trek/Stargate). 4/5 for me. Not bad, but there was no real forward momentum until the last few pages. Beautiful art by Pete Woods though. Loving the Superman: The Movie look to all of this.

  12. @Prax

    While I certanly agree about the whole ‘hero on trial’ thing.  I really enjoyed Zod’s motivation during the entire issue, not to mention his comment to Ursa.  I liked the spy reveal as well, mostly because I wasn’t expecting anything like that to happen.


    Donner inspired iconography is a common ground for all.  P.S. Nope, I was right.   P.P.S. Infinity 😛

  13. Solid as always.

  14. @winthewonderboy He can’t.  He has to appear to denounce all ties to earth so he can sell himself to Zod.

  15. Worst issue of the series so far. Three quarters of the book is a boring trial with ZERO tension, I mean who would think that Kal would REALLY be killed? Anyone?

    The art was pretty nice though, even though some of the panel layouts were very confusing & horrible, I liked the dark art of the trial pages.

  16. Loved the art, hated the layouts.  I literally re-read some of the pages two different ways and then tried to decide which way made more sense. 

    I don’t really want an altruistic Zod.  We’ll see where this goes. 

  17. I’m waiting for this in trades, but I had to pick up this issue for the cover.

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