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This is a good time to be a Superman fan. As in the previous four issues James Robinson and Greg Ruck show they’re a great team for this book. This issue finds Kal-El on trial for treason against New Krypton. This issue delves deeper into Kryptonian society as we get to watch each step of Kal’s tribunal. This is an intriguing story with a couple of interesting plot twists, including a doozy at the end and an issue that really shows Superman’s noble character. Like it or not this is an important issue in the series and is a great turning point for the story.

Pete Wood’s art in this issue continues to be stellar. I enjoyed the incorperation of the floating rings from the Superman movie and the production design remains an inaginative look at Krypton that brings several designs seemlessly together. The art is greatly enhanced by strong colors by Brad Anderson who contrasts warm colors of exterior scenes with the cool, dark and sterile courtroom. The only tiny gripe is that I noticed a number of seeminly random bolded words.

This book continues to be strong and after the shocking finale of this issue it’s really keeping me guessing as to where it’s going next. I say keep reading Superman fans!

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 5 - Excellent

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