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  1. Wish I were reading this. Couldn’t get a copy of #1 though, guess I might read it in trade when someone wants to lend me their copy  🙂

  2. Excited for this. What’s that? Me? Excited for a book starring Kal-El? MADNESS! This has been good and I look forward to it. Though I’m shelling money at Superman I haven’t done since "Our Worlds at War." (The crossover that put me off Superman, but onto DC!)

  3. @FACE. come on, dude, what do you care? it’s only two issues and i’m pretty sure you’ll understand what’s hppening.

  4. @FACE. go on, buy it, you know you want to.

    it’s a great story but not overly complex.

    The info above for issue 3 pretty much tells you what you need to know.

  5. buy it, bitch!

  6. *Joins chorus of creepy monotone voices in FACE’s brain*

    Buy it. Buy it. Buy it.

    Or don’t. Your choice. It’s good, though. =D

  7. DO IT!!

  8. I am enjoying this.

  9. I am very surprised how much I am enjoying this.  It’s been really fun.

  10. Yeah, I really love this. I’ve never read anything Superman before, so this really is Superman to me. I’m afraid that when this ends I won’t really care about him any more. I’m enjoying it while it lasts, though.

  11. @FACE – Buy it. It’s great!

  12. If a new planet (krypton) settled in our orbit, and opposit earth, wouldn’t that mess up some gravitational fields and screw up earth’s climate and weather system? I think that would be provocation enough to launch a few hundred nukes at NK.

  13. New Krypton is part of my new found love for DC.  It’s a total renaissance.  This, Batman, Flash, Grenn Lantern.  Not that don’t still love Marvel, but man am I loving me some DC right now.

  14. Yeah…between everything with New Krypton, Green Lantern, Flash: Rebirth, and Battle for the Cowl (and it’s repercussions) I personally think that this is gonna be the year of DC

  15. I agree it seems to be the year of DC, but it almost seems like it is a default win. I mean Marvel doesn’t really seem to be trying to do anything too big, they are just exploring the reprecussions of Dark Reign (which is not a complaint, I am enjoying this…mostly). DC is exploring the reprecussions of Final Crisis, it just so happens they planned those reprecussions to lead them into another big event and a couple of smaller more character book specific events.

  16. Another great issue!  I’m enjoying Woods’ artwork more and more as the series progresses.  And that last page has me craving the next issue already.  I’m so loving DC books at the moment!

  17. @Parker, Darth Duck – I have to mention, and not to rouse Marvel hatred in this thread, that SI/Dark Reign/War of Kings has driven me out of the Marvel Universe in a big way. While most of my favorite Super heroes are in DC, I usually have fewer DC books in a given week. This has suddenly and drastically changed. I don’t understand the hate levied at DC of late when Marvel is culpable of similar things as well. Interests change, allegiances to companies shift. Still, it’s a good time to be a DC fan. A really good issue, though not much is happening in a big way in this book. Which isn’t bad, I just expected a bit more. Sure the political ramifications are good story fodder and such, but I feel like there’s no underlying story to World of New Krypton yet and that’s making me rethink the $36 dollar investment I’m going to be making in the series. Still, next issue promises to do this GL fan proud. (Will Hal finally lay the smackdown on Superman without needing the Parallax powers? He’s technically more powerful than Superman but that’s seemingly forgotten any time they meet up and are on the same team.)

  18. @my IFanboy brethren – I am only just now seeing the comments which insist I buy this. To them I respond that you are correct: This bitch must buy! I’ve got to get my hands on ish’ #1 though.

  19. @FACE: nah, dude, just jump on. it’s not Crime and Punishment, you’ll know what’s happening. DO IT!

  20. I’ve never been too into Superman, but I’m loving this book. My pick of the week for sure.

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