The Battle for Mars! With Superman having left the Kryptonian military to try to stop the war, General Zod needs a new Commander El – enter Supergirl! As Zod’s army gets closer to Earth, the battlefield shifts to Mars where Superman must confront his cousin! Neither wants to fight, but both will do what they must for the sake of what they think is right! Meanwhile, Superboy knows what he must do to stop this war – even if it means becoming hated by both planets!

Art by Eduardo Pansica & Wayne Faucher
Variant cover by AARON LOPRESTI

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  1. This threat seems more scary than Blackest Night/Sinestro Corps. War/Final Crisis but does not nearly have the presence or excitement of any of those events.

  2. LSoNK was kinda of silly, sock-em-up fun. Nothing I would hand to anyone and say read this, but it had its moments. Better than second half of WoNK. If WoS is as good as LSoNK but better than WoS then it is OK with me.

    And yes, the only purpose of this comment is to let me do the Superman acronyms over and over.

  3. First issue was awesome.  Bring it on.

  4. I dug issue 0 and 1 and look foreward to the end of this years plus long story

  5. I’m still in shock that issue #1 was decent; hopefully they can end this New Krypton mess with a bang (like last issue – *rimshot*) before everything is forgotten & reset for JMS to come on board.

  6. I wonder how Mars exists between Earth and where New Krypton used to be? (joke, not snark)

  7. I really, really enjoyed the story here.  ACTION packed.  I like the twist (although all life on Earth would die relatively quickly after the change, if I’m not mistaken).  The art was rather weak.  Too many tiny and/or misplaced eyes, for example.

    This was MUCH better than the first issue (in my opinion).  I’m glad I stuck around. 


    It was better….but, Why didn’t they turn the sun red then blow up new Krypton and then use the EDF on Mars to mop up the remaining ships? How did Lane get to be a General if a loser from Detroit can out think him?

  9. Eduardo Pansica draws small eyes.



     @DamonS23: I thought Luthor explained that it had taken him a while to build the missile that colour-shifted the sun, and that he wasn’t sure it was ready but tried anyway. Lane might have just had more ducks in a row for smuggling the bomb onto New Krypton than he did for the sun manoeuvre.

  11. this was less exciting than the first issue. hopefully it picks up in the next two.

  12. Spoilers



    @Kingdomofevan He could have waited the 30 or so minutes to try the missle first.  It has a ridiculous domino effect if he waits. Sun goes red the Kryptonians who are near Krypton fly back to get out of space. BOOM gold kryptonite bomb goes off wiping out 80% of the population.  Now the only people left are depowered Kryptonians on ships which your EDF should be able to take out if not you have heroes at your command on earth to take out the few that break through to earth.  Why am I better at planning genocide than a general?


  13. There’s some clunky dialogue & a few total 180s in opinion/emotion from one panel to the next , but overall this series is good! *amazed*

    I’m repeating myself here, but this is what WONK *should* have been/what I expected it to be. Maybe DC should have just made THIS the last 4 issues of WONK? Oh .. wait, no , that would have made sense & lost them $$$ … 

  14. I am sure there is a comic science explanation, but doesn’t it take more than 8 minutes for light to reach the earth from the sun? And another 4-5 to get to Mars. The countdown to Kryptonageddon was in seconds when Luthor shot his missle. I suppose since there was some sort of time travel tech involved, Luthor could have changed the sun red 10-15 minutes ago which arrives just now…

    I hate the red sunlight instant effect crap. Superman, most powerful man in the universe unless he gets too near a blackbody of under 4000 degrees. Bah.

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