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Don’t miss this new tale of the early days of Superman and Batman’s partnership! Someone has gotten close to finding out the true identity of Batman, and now that person has turned up dead! Superman is about to discover just how gray the world of The Dark Knight really is.

Art by TOM

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  1. was kinda meh on the first issue of this arc.

    This woulda been an awesome place to tell a non-continuity “final” story of batman and supes with the reboot coming in september, too bad. 

  2. I know this is silly but…..the fact that this isn’t going to hit 100 issues bothers me to no end. I don’t know why, I haven’t read every single issue of the series. But ending it on #87 (at least I think it will in August) instead of #100 is annoying.

    I think I’m finally turning into ‘that guy’…. 

  3. I thought the first issue of this arc was really strong, actually. I especially liked some of the “riffs” on familiar Batman and Superman motifs, only transposed to the other character — especially the moment when Commissoner Gordon is talking to Superman, only to find that he, too, can disappear at a moment’s notice! Gordon’s pensive sigh was the perfect capper to that scene.

  4. If you read the letters page it says that they’re going to bring it back later.  Here’s hopin’.  Not the best final story but then again lets hope its not the final story.

  5. This has been one of my favorite books. They should be able to tell some interesting stories with the new continuity and all. Here’s hoping it’s a quick return.

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