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Something evil is haunting Supergirl! But whatever’s causing the disturbance is nothing compared to what she’s about to run into in Gotham City when she seeks help from the new Robin, Damian. Can these two get along long enough to stop the nightmares plaguing Metropolis? Find out in this special Halloween issue!

Art and cover by ALE GARZA

Price: $2.99
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  1. Long time no see Ale Garza, welcome back; him drawing Damian seems like a good fit, should be fun.

  2. Too fun to pass up

  3. Great cover, I don’t think my store stocks Superman/Batman 🙁

  4. funny, her suit looks lke rubber.

  5. First time a Don’t Miss show got me interested enough in a book to buy. Sounds like Josh Williamson really put a lot of thought into a one and done issue.

  6. What a great coupling.  This is almost what Brave and the Bold should be.  I wonder why it’s not in that book.

  7. @misterckent – It might have something to do with the fact that BRAVE AND THE BOLD hasn’t come out since July and there isn’t another issue scheduled to come out anytime soon. Seriously. It’s not listed on DC’s webpage and that thing is updated through January.

    But yeah, after listening to the Don’t Miss, I’m looking forward to this issue. SUPERMAN/BATMAN has been on a roll lately. 

  8. When i was around Damian’s age i used to take great delight in punching my sister in the boobs. I wonder if he’ll do the same 

  9. @misterkent, To go along with what Jeff said, B&B became JMS’s baby and if he ain’t interested in doing the story, it ain’t happening in B&B. Now, granted, the book has been MIA with no announcement as to whether it was hiatused or cancelled.

  10. Li’l Matches. Awesome.

  11. @stuclach Li’l Matches cracked me up. This issue was full of win

  12. This was a lot of fun! Really can’t say anything else. Lil’ Matches was indeed awesome.

  13. "Tried to find something appropriate — more matronly or that of a streetwalker — but they were fresh out." Whoever doesn’t like Damian Wayne can sod off. 

    "Did she try to hit you? Bruce said if a girl tries to hit you, that means she likes you?"  Classic! 

  14. Great story. Don’t Miss made it sound like this was more of a Damian story but I felt like Kara got equal face time.

  15. This was absolutely fun.

    ‘What? my father makes Superman do it all the time.’  Such entitlement, such humor!

  16. I’m so glad I caught Don’t Miss becasue I would have had I not heard it. This was a really fun read and I laughed throughut the entire issue. Several classic moments and pretty good art. I pick up an issue of Superman/Batman every now and then and this is definitely one of the good ones.

  17. This was a blast. Good action, and funny too. Damian is such a little shit! Gotta love him. Wonder if these two will become an item?

  18. @kennyG  i would love to see like a time travel story where they go 10 years into the future and these two are a serious item, like about to get engaged serious. that would rock

  19. Garza’s stuff did not disappoint, some real great work in this, almost Humberto Ramos, Paco Medina style, but has it’s own unique quality.

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