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J. Michael Straczynski’s landmark “Grounded” story continues! As word spreads throughout the country that Superman has embarked on a mysterious, unprecedented journey, some go out to meet The Man of Steel – others plan to stop him at all costs…

Variant cover by LEE BERMEJO

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  1. Why do I love JMS’s disastrous take on Supe’s? It’s silver age silliness!! Really. It’s so goofy that you can’t tear yourself away from it. Silly yet lovable

  2. Darn automated spellcheck. Supes not Supe’s! I am no apostrophe idiot.

  3. Not sure if I’m gonna continue this…interested to see what Wilson’s gonna do on the next issue, but I’m kinda tired of the "Grounded" premise, at least I’d like to see it go somewhere.

  4. Huh. I thought this was where the interlude was taking place. So this will be bi-monthly, technically? Fair enough.

    Yeah, there are some…odd moments in this run so far, but I overall really like this arc. It’s very earnest, sincere, and it really feels like JMS is telling this story for a reason. I also think that he wouldn’t just do twelve parts of Superman simply walking, and he’s setting up for far more stuff to happen both during this arc and after this arc. 

  5. I’ve been enjoying this arc a lot so far. Yes it’s a little cheesy, and JMS’s take on Sups is a little off at the moment…..But the idea of the story and the overall writing has been very solid so far. Shame the art has been bogging this series so far.

    Still not sure if I want the interlude issue or not. 

  6. Is this really the issue that Superman plays 4Square? Or was that someone just kidding about that? I may not be the worlds biggest Superman fan, but I do love 4Square.

  7. It’s a pretty stupid concept, but I’m having fun with it.  What’s wrong with trying something different once in a while?  It’s definitely way better then all the World Of New Krypton junk that was going nowhere after a couple months and went on for almost a year!!

  8. I guess this at least doesn’t promise much.  I won’t promice to buy it either.

  9. This kinda feels more like a Springsteen song than a superman story…. Now I want a Springsteen concept album based the grounded storyline!!!

  10. I feel guilty, the two reasons I am still getting this book are: 1) I don’t want to break the run 2) I enjoy a disaster.

    @TNC: I can’t say I agree with you.  I don’t think its the art that’s killing this book. 

  11. @ato220: This is the first time I’m really seeing Barrow’s artwork and I’m not a huge fan. I do wanna see his older work to see if it’s just this plot that makes me not like him.

  12. Blargh, apparently I forgot to take this off my pre-order sheet… Looks like the slockhart home will be a little warmer tonight.

  13. Easily the best issue of JMS’s run so far. I liked the scenes between Clark & Dick, and was pleasently surprised by the kryptonite plot twist; I can’t wait to see where this goes! I also love Eddy Barrow’s art; his style is dynamic, modern and clean; unlike the scratchy lines popping up all over Marvel’s line lately (what’s up with that?).

    All in all this is shapping up to be a memorable run by JMS; of course the haters will scream and shot all over the net just like they did with Spider-Man and Thor. I feel sorry for comic fans who spend their money and/or time on books they don’t enjoy. I vote with my wallet, not my annonymous internet voice. 

    Up, up and away Superman! 


  14. Wow! JMS really brought it with this issue, I’ve never read Superman monthlies before and was thinking of dropping the book if he just kept going around helping disenfranchised autoworkers but this was really cool, good set up.

  15. Has a book ever had a bigger drop in pulls in three issues? Its below where it was at 699.

  16. This IMO should have been something besides the ongoing series. Maybe an All-Star 2.0?

    But it is not so again we are suffering a Superman monthly without Superman. This is sad because from what JMS says his heart is in the right place. Knowing his enthusiasm I wanted to enjoy this.


  17. The writing for this series is getting better as the issues go on. Definitely the strongest issue by JMS to date. I’m liking him for giving Sups a bit more of a mean streak and also now giving us some semblance of a villain. The art by Barrows is really killing me though; absolutely atrocious. Faces are off every single panel, anatomy is off, his ‘detail’ is laughable (look at Grayson’s ‘wrinkles’ on his costume towards the end), and the coloring is pretty bad too. If it wasn’t for the intriguing story by JMS then I’d wait for trade in a heartbeat. But JMS keeps delivering so who am I to complain?


  18. Wow! Im suprised so many people liked it. I discussed it with a friend HERE. I hope Conor talks about it this week.

  19. I loved this issue. This was my POTW

  20. Great issue, interesting to see Superman in that menacing enforcer role, one that is usually reserved for someone like Batman.  You could imagine Superman could be even more effective than Batman in inspiring fear considering his powers, but I think it is almost out of character that he be portrayed like that, more the exception rather than the rule to have the capacity to be that mean-spirited or almost cruel, as if he’s fed up with being the nice guy superhero.

    Batman didn’t sound like Dick in this IMO, has Dick really been that deep ever?  Sounded, and looked, like Bruce one could argue, nevertheless, Eddy Barrows is an A-list artist in my book, great talent.

  21. I can’t believe they actually added meteor freaks to the Superman mythos.  I’m still in shock about that.

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