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  1. YES i love this whole new superman and action comics series

  2. i wish andrew robinson was drawing the interiors, although Guedes was pretty decent last issue. still not a huge fan of it though.  maybe it’s the way it’s colored.

  3. i definitely am liking action comics better right now

  4. Wish Mon-El kept his "Beatles" haircut.

  5. This is the one New Krypton title I’m iffy on. I really don’t care about Mon El.

  6. This was a really nice "Old School" type of story without feeling silver-agey at all.

  7. @Parker That’s a really good way of describing it.

    Good issue, good art. Nothing outstanding… but a good comic. Really digging Guedes on this, too. 4/5

  8. Fairly boring issue. Hard to keep buying this one.

  9. I just keep waiting for Robinson to get back to his A game. I’m willing to continue to cut him a little slack, especially if the art is this outstanding. This was a beautiful, beautiful book to look at. Further evidence that the Superman titles have some of the best art in comics right now, at least to my taste. A 4/5.

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