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A good solid issue. Robinson has been slowly winning me back with his
characterization. I loved his Starman, but all things considered, it’s
fairly easy to do a quirky run that endears itself to fans, it’s
entirely another to take a top tier character and write something the
fans enjoy and still is true to your style. Of course, Mon-El being the
star of this book reinforces the first half of my statement more than
the second. I’m hoping that the stuff with Steel and Atlas is all a
ruse on John Henry’s part since he seems to be showing off some rather
delicate secrets to someone he just met. As I said, I like the
character moments a lot, which makes me happy that the fights aren’t
taking up an undue amount of the book. I also am pretty sure that
Guardian knows that Harper is a relative, and is just messing with her,
or else everyone in Metropolis can’t see their hands in front of their
face. I still think the art is too cartoony, but this issue seemed to
keep it in line and fitting for the subject matters. I really liked
seeing Zatara in the book, but Action would have fit better. The only
real complaint I have is that section 7734 is the most retarded name in
20 years of my comics reading history. 7/10

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 3 - Good

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