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  1. The last page of the last last issue, had me scared.  this cover is thus like a nightmare

  2. Fantastic cover.  This is one of the best pieces Ross has done in years.  Don’t fear, embrace. 

  3. Love the cover, but have been underwhelmed by Robinson’s initial arc.  Nice to see Kirby’s Atlas rescued from obscurity, tho’.

  4. Has anyone read the previews on other sites yet? God the writing is so terrible! When does a spaceman raised in Kansas sound like a Shakepearean actor? Awful.

  5. At least its not electric blue and red supes.

    This arc really good. I’m excited to see where it goes. 

  6. I have totally hated this arc because James Robinson mixed up his Lois Lane and Mary Jane somewhere, but at least this first lackluster arc will be done. Maybe it’ll rebound and he’ll have some point for something…I sadly hold out hope because I hated the scatter brain first arc of MILLAR-F4 but now like it.

  7. I think the cover looks cool.  Krypto is a good dog.

    And I have faith this will pick up after this arc is over.

    @Todd- I did’nt know Kirby created Atlas.  I thought he was new, I guess I should have checked wikipedia.

  8. I’m loving this arc.

  9. I like it, but I don’t love it.

  10. This is the last part of the arc?? Part of me is glad because I haven’t enjoyed it (it hasn’t been that bad, just very very average when it was hyped as something a lot more) I just don’t see how this can be the last issue of the story? Nothing has happened really, besides Atlas & Superman having a fist fight (why Superman didn’t just fly above him & shoot him with heat vision is a good question, when the dude can’t fly) … & now the final issue is gonna be what? Krypto kickin’ a dude in a skirts ass? I gotta say I’m not super excited.

  11. I haven’t been buying this, but I may have to start – and pick up the back issues of this arc – as Krypto looks so hacking cool on that cover. I love me some Superdog! 

  12. @Kory–I’m assuming this is the same Atlas from an issue of First Issue Special that Kirby did back in the 70’s.  Could be wrong.

  13. @Todd- Yes, you were correct, he is a Kirby creation.  Thanks for pointing that out for me.

  14. Okay I understand everyone is in love with Starman. It’s like the second coming when it comes to James Robinson. But really, other then that one series: What else has Robinson wrote that was any good?

    I’ve read this, Batman: Face the Face, and The Golden Age and quite frankly: They were either medicore or bad. Is this guy a one trick pony?

  15. Sorry but Super-dog is such a stupid idea.

    Dog + Cape = Lame (surely it would get covered in dog shit and chewed to fuck!)

  16. @SamMorgan: Shhhh..  Don’t say that.  You’re going to get stoned by the masses with talk like that…


    but I agree.

  17. @TheNextChampion – Both those books you listed were excellent.

  18. @conor: But….but….nevermind -_-;

    Sorry I wasnt a fan of those books. I dont know the writing here is just bad! Some really confusing lines, somehow sentences arent written well here, and overall it’s just a boring story. I was really hoping this book will go up with John’s AC but I guess it wont…I’ll just wait until ‘New Krypton’ comes out and see how he writes for that event.

  19. Krypto is the best super-dog

  20. The writing here isn’t bad. It is, in its way, organic. I don’t find it fair or reasonable to use Johns’ Action Comics as a measuring tape. Different kinds of writing deserve different kinds of attitudes in approaching them.  I am enjoying these Superman issues, wholly.

  21. @TheNextChampion- I like this book because it flows well and the action is easy to follow.

  22. @TheNextChampion- It just sounds like Robinson is not your cup of tea.  I agree with Conor in that those books you mentioned are good.  I haven’t been loving this arc, but it’s been pretty enjoyable and I’m excited to see what him and Johns have planned for the next year or so.

  23. The focus of this arc has been the great character moments.  The breakfast table scene, Clark playing fetch with his dog.  That stuff is great.  I hope that Johns and Robinson keep writing their two series this way.

  24. @TheNextChampion- I agree with you, but I did enjoy Golden Age for the most part but just for the fight not the actual stilted story telling. I remember being excited when Robinson launched JSA and read the first 5 issues and quickly decided the guy wasn’t for me…but once again I was excited for his Superman and have been left wanting my money back because the characters are acting like they have been replaced by skrulls or something, maybe he’ll settle down and get a handle on the characters and not try to shoe horn in odd behavior for actual character development.

  25. I just dont understand why the writing is so uneven in this arc. I’m not saying this is the worst Superman story ever, but come on….Geoff Johns is writing, hands down, the best Superman in YEARS. I was hoping for good things even if I’m not a huge fan of Robinson. But Sups is sounding either like a kid or a Shakespeare actor, he’s making references that dont make sense (Zatanna anyone?) and this fight has gone on too long….Also, what does this make Superman that he cant beat a Greek God but his Dog can? Weak.

    Again I’m just gonna skip this until New Krypton. Hopefully this big event these two have been plotting will be worthwhile.

  26. People keep bring up the throw away Zatanna line.  It makes me laugh when they do.

  27. @conor: All right you laugh, what does it mean? Your laughing at me cause I brought up a point. So tell me what does it mean if you think it’s so funny?

    Put this up against Action Comics and there is no comparison at all. With all the hype in the world for this, this is no better then what Busiek brought to the table when he wrote this series. Not only that but it seems that the overall critically reception is very mixed. If it wasnt for Ultimates 3, this would be the biggest disappointment of the year no doubt about it.

  28. Don’t buy it if you don’t like it.  It’s very simple, just vote with your dollar.

  29. @Champ — Dude, Busiek’s run killed this current arc.

    I’m hoping things get better once the big crossover starts, & Robinson gets more of a handle on the characters, because he doesn’t seem to have them down (yet?).

    Of course these are just my opinions, I’m not stating them as facts.

  30. i’ll never understand people that hate krypto yet will totallly read a book about a alien with superpowers who runs around in his underwear.

    also, don’t forget that as much as everyone’s jizzing over johns’ action comics right now, his run did not start off as the homerun that it became. Same goes for his green lantern. rare is the run that starts off fantastic. 

  31. @mulletpeep:  Those men in tights don’t talk like lolcats.  I don’t like Bizaro either for the same reason.  They sound brain dead.

  32. I just got done reading it and I’m glad the weird dog thoughts weren’t use as much.  I would have liked the art to show what Krypto was thinking more but oh well, I just didn’t read his thought boxes.  Even with that aside I didn’t enjoy the story much.  It seemed kind of stilted.  I guess it’s only point was to show that Krypto couldn’t be dealt with by magic.  Good to know but over all it didn’t make for that interesting of a plot.

  33. I am a Superman fan.  I am a James Robinson fan.  I’m especially a fan of dogs.  I’ve just never understood the appeal of Krypto.  A caped superdog?  Really?  Can he be subdued with some kryptonite flavored snausages?  Krypto is fine for the campy, silver age books but I’d have thought we had progressed a bit beyond that.  People would howl if Gleek the space monkey showed up in this book but a super powered canine is not questioned.  Hopefully Clark will properly bag and dispose of the super poop, after the battle, to help keep Metropolis clean.

  34. I think this story’s sole purpose was to set up Krypto for a future storyline.  This arc was’nt world changing, but it was’nt awful.

  35. i had a nightmare last night about kypto, for some reason he had cuts all over him and attack me. terrerifing

  36. Simply awesome. This felt like a Superman comic… this whole arc did.

  37. This was great. There were things I would’ve changed, but it was great great!

  38. I love Krypto but I’m bothered by Lois’ reaction to him. Awhile back when Casey or Loebb(?) brought Krypto back Lois liked him and when she was walking him Mongol tried to attack her and Krypto chomped on his throat. When Superman took Krypto away, Lois was the one who told Superman to not go hard on him because he’s a dog protecting her and now she hates him? Really? Now if I had never read a comic with Krypto and Lois Lane in them then maybe I’d buy her reaction but it just comes off as "hey I need Lois to be a shrew about something and she’s generally understanding and progressive…so why not have her suddenly hate the dog" meh. Action comics: Buy in store, Superman: torrent. simple as that, that’s how I vote with my dollar Kory.

  39. I’m with Conor. Of course, Krypto could kick Atlas’ butt. Given that Superman and he are approx. the same power level, and the big S was just off his feed, Krypto would be able to put the hurt on Atlas just like a normal dog his size would to a normal guy. And notice that Krypto basically just put the normal doggie moves on him, just with uper strength.

    A Krypto monthly, anyone? (Just kidding!)


  40. He IS a good boy.

  41. @Charles- If you dislike the book that much, then why continue with it?  Life’s too short to stress out over over a comic book. 

  42. @Kory-it’s like Ron and other comic fans I just read Superman books. It’s not like I’m paying money for Superman anymore but I still read it because I’m trying to give it a shot. It’s not like I stress over it, it’s just me using this site…which its created for…to just express my feelings about it. Trust that I lose no sleep or stress out over comics, if I did I would have died from a heart attack a long time ago. Just using the internets to voice my thoughts.

  43. @Charles- It’s okay to voice your thoughts, it just seemed like you took offense to what I said about voting with your dollar in your first post. 

  44. Are you kidding me? Kal yelling at Metropolis to think of his dog as a hero? Huh? Calling Zatara "little man of magic"? I’m open to different interpretations but not enjoying Robinson’s at all.

  45. Yeah nothing says peaceful man, like this arc started with Superman; and make him yell at his own citizens to force them to love Krypto. Yeah that’s totally in character for him to yell at the people he’s protecting….*sighs* But if people like this book who am I to judge?

  46. I liked it.

  47. Really suffers from comparison to Action Comics.  both in writing and in art.  I REALLY don’t like this book.  This is not the Superman I write about.  

  48. @Kory- Naw, I feel very strongly about voting with you dollar. I saw it all the time, which is why I’m not paying for Secret Invasion and stopped paying for Civil War/WWH after two issues. I wish more fans would, but it’s kind of out of the usual practice for comic fans, and I think the companies know that we’re almost chained to certain books and characters because we’re so entrenched in them. It’s one of the curses of being an avid comic fan. A friend of mine buys a book eventhough he doesn’t like it because he feels that with these books being solicited so many months ahead it doesn’t matter if a current arc is bad because it’ll be over soon.

  49. *saw = say

  50. Looks like im gonna be getting my superman action from action comics from now on.  I chose to fallow this instead of the braniac story, and now I kinda regret my decission

  51. @TheNextChampion- It’s okay to have an opinion about a book, but every week it seems you have a book that you dislike so much that you make it a personal crusade to keep anyone from reading it.  I agree that this arc was’nt stellar, but I still enjoyed it nonetheless.  And with the New Krypton starting soon, I think Robinson will start to step it up.

    @Charles- It’s all good.  I just wish more readers were like you. 

  52. @Kory: ‘personal crusade on hating books’? My dear boy, that is the top thing in my resume on talents! 🙂 Seriously I know I do this waaay too much and I need to cool down on hating on some books. But I like to think that with much praise on a book, there should be some balance of people hating it as well. Not judging on what you like, I’m just saying if I was a critic then I would need to see what negatives are in a book/issue and bring it up.

    I’m hoping New Krypton is f’ing amazing, cause it certainly being hyped as something big. As long as Johns is on board then I have no question it’ll be a great event.

  53. I gotta say first and foremost, that I am totally a dog person. With that said, Robinson’s decisons to give Krypto thought boxes, made me forget any time I have ever laughed about the concept of a superpowered space dog, and love Krypto, as well as the primal base logic that he functions with. Krypto taking on Atlas, and bringing a serious fight to him after Supes got trashed, reminded me why I love dogs (and Krypto since the outer space fetch in the arc’s first issue) as much as I do. I have to say, Krypto’s face and emotion on the last page brought a genuine smile to my face as well as the genuine happiness that comes with one. Laugh if you want, but upon a second reading, the issue brought me to tears, and made me realize just how much I miss my puppy back home. Again, I can’t stress how much I like dogs. I know I enjoyed this on a completely subjective level, but without a doubt, its my PoW. I cant wait to see what Robinson and Johns bring with "New Krypton," but after this I am praying that our "Good Boy" plays a part.

  54. This issue was like the whole story arc — very very average.

    I’m a little worried for this writer’s half of the New Krypton stuff if this is the level of writing he’s bringing.

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