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I just don’t get this. Has James Robinson ever heard a living person speak before? Hell has he ever read a Superman story not put in the Showcase books? I’ve been disgusted by his characterizations since the second issue of this arc and this one takes it to twilight zone lengths. When did Superman become a dick? When he goes to talk to Zatara he talks like a idiot and then when Zatara makes fun of him for being a idiot he’s a ass. It also takes him forever to grip the fact that Zatana isn’t there. I feel that Busiek and Johns did such painstaking work to get Superman to a point where he wasn’t seen as a stupid jock, but I guess Robinson doesn’t agree. I can’t believe that one writer could do what the electric blue powers couldn’t, make me dislike Superman. Hopefully this awful ship rights itself but I’m not holding out a ton of hope.

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  1. I agree with what you are getting at. A few times in this story arc Superman’s dialogue seems british, last I checked Clark is a Kansas farm boy………. What saved this issue for me was Krypto………….

  2. I actually found his behavior towards Zatara pretty realistic.  Superman is neck deep in a conflict that is at least up there with the beating he took from Doomsday.  He realized what he had to do, sought the person who could help, and found a barely capable substitute who was behaving like a snot.  I thought his frustration making a play on the page through his treatment of Zatara to be fairly realistic and humanizing, without the normal melodramatic histrionics associated with "tearing down" or "humanizing" larger than life characters.  

    Drug problems, wife beating, and infidelity are a fine and dandy way to show people their heroes aren’t so great, but being pissed off and snippy at someone not understanding the gravity of one’s current situation is far more subtle and most definitely not as gimmicky.  I found the whole thing lent itself well to the Busiek/Johns personality.    

    As for the rest of the dialogue, I’ll have to go back and give it another read.  I was pretty enthralled by Krypto not being irritating and kitchy for a change and might have missed the apparently flawed speech patterns.  He was exceptionally on the ball during his Starman run, but that was ages ago.  

  3. Yay for Superman with a personality!  He gets annoyed just like everyone else!

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